Four-Wheel Drive Oil Change​

​When does my four-wheel drive oil need to be changed?

Four-wheel drive oil operates in a tough environment. The multi-plate clutch wears the oil over time and so it needs replacing to maintain efficiency. Clean oil ensures the components in the four-wheel drive system are always in peak operational condition.

What happens if it's not changed?

Four-wheel drive oil works very hard to maintain the lubrication of the multi-plate clutch. If this oil is left unchanged it becomes dirty and worn out, which means it can't lubricate the clutch correctly eventually leading to system failure.

What do we do?

We remove the oil from the system and replace it with fresh oil of the correct grade to the correct level.

How often does it need to be checked?

Every 40,000 miles.

Benefits of having it changed:

  1. Improved system response
  2. Correct lubrication of system components
  3. Prolonged component life expectancy
  4. Special offer price with our Fixed Price Servicing for Volkswagens 3-15 years old, up to and including 2.0-litre engines.