Rear view of VW UP GTI driving round a corner

New Volkswagen up! GTI

From £17,810

Small car. Huge personality.

As you would expect from the a car in the Volkswagen up! range the this addition is small, but its GTI heart thumps hard and so will yours when you get in!

Top Class Interior

From the first glance it's clear that the VW up! GTI does its name proud, it might be small but it sure will demand attention on the road.​

The sporty touches aren't confined to the exterior of the up! GTI. Inside you're greeted by the classic tartan 'Jacara' print seats and the flashes of red continue in the 'Pixels Red' dash, gear knob and steering wheel stitching. ​

Head Turner 

From the 17" Oswald alloy wheels and tinted windows the up! GTI captures the attention  wherever it goes. More sporty additions in the form of chrome-plated tail pipes, black diffusers and rear spoilers mean you'll keep that attention even when you're long into the distance.

Tech Savvy

Climb in to your sporty city car, connect your phone to the maps + more dock and with the just like that your device will become your navigation system. You will be able to access directions, playlists and contacts and more instantly.

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