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Along with the Estate version the new Passat Saloon has the impression of being a straight-forward businessman car.

But with our range of stunning accessories your Passat can be anything you want it to be! Go from office dweller to bike trail reveller as quickly and easily as you like, and back again.

With our range of new car offers, getting your hands on a new Passat Saloon has never been easier. So for more info on our new car offers, or to get your Passat accessories on order give our teams in Crewe 01270 864447 , Oldham 0161 3180604 or Wrexham 01978 800557 a call now.

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Mats ​

When you've been on a muddy walk or maybe you've been watching the kids play football in the pouring rain, our protective mats are perfect for protecting your motor's floor. 

Carpet mat set - £58.00

Rubber mats - Front £60.00

Rear £43.00


​You can also prevent your boot from becoming a haven for dirt and grime regardless of what the kids get up to. 

With our loadliners dirt and moisture stays in the liner ready to be wiped clean. Plus the surface design means your good don't slip in transit. 

Flexible loadliner - £72.00

Semi-Rigid loadliner - £114.00

Mud flaps 

Mats and loadliners will ensure the protection of the interior of your Passat, but what about the exterior?

This is where mud flaps come in. They protect from everyday dirt and grime getting into your paintwork and affecting the underbody of your motor. 

Front - £72.00

Rear - £74.00


Compact III Bicycle Carrier 

​The brilliant Compact III bicycle carrier allows you to store and transport up to three bikes. 

The extremely simple quick release system utilises your towing hitch and makes it easy for you to continue using your boot space. 

When you've got your bikes where you needed to go, the carrier folds away to be stored easily in the spare wheel compartment. 


Aluminium door sill trim

This high-quality aluminium door sill protector sits beautifully the door instep. 

Featuring the Passat lettering the aluminium sill protectors prevent your doors from collecting dirt and aid in preventing scratches and scrapes. 

One set consists of two front door sill protectors. 


Tow bar

​When it comes to towbars you can either choose to go all in and have a fixed option, which is ideal if you often find yourself in the great outdoors. 

Or you can go for the detachable option, which gives you the option to be more flexible. When you holiday with the family, get the tow bar attached and hook up the trailer, then take it off and store it for the rest of the year. 

Fixed - £654.00

Detachable - £759.00

Roof Box

​Speaking of flexibility, the roof box is here to offer you even more! 

With a storage capacity of 340 litres and a max load of 50kgs, you can feel free to pack for as many eventualities as you like on your next family holiday. Swimming, cycling, mountaineering, surfing, extreme ironing, you can do the lot!


Bicycle Holder 

​​The wheel rails on our bike holders are aerodynamically designed to make it easier for you to travel with your bike safely.

Our rails also ensure that the bike is correctly positioned and enable you to use both hands when fixing the wheels and frame, so there's no need for the toolbox to make an appearance. 


Roof Bars

Pack lots more into your trips, by packing lots more into your car.

Our city crash-tested roof bars are ideal for when you want to fit skis, snowboards, bike holders or roof boxes amongst anything else added to your ride!



Give our teams at either Crewe 01270 864447 , Oldham 0161 3180604 Wrexham 01978 800557 a call to get your Passat accessories on order now. Or click the link to enquire now!

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