Volkswagen Golf SV Accessories

Make sure your SV suits the whole family

For the family who don't want being a family to slow down their lives, the Golf SV is the perfect vehicle for when you need to increase the size of your wheels without losing that hatchback feel and performance.

Our range of Golf SV accessories are also designed to help you, and the family, squeeze the most out of life!

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Rear Chrome Strip

​​Add even more style to your on the road look with this chrome strip. 

The strip sits on the edge of the tailgate and protects from scratches whilst keeping your paintwork looking like new. 


Door sill trim

While the chrome strip will add some high-end feels to the exterior of your Golf SV the door sill trims will make sure this theme continues inside. 

The Black film with silver decorative stripes not only enhances the look of your doors, but it will protect from scratches and scrapes too. 



​Excellent style and protection isn't just available for the exterior and doors though. 

Look after your floor too, our range of mats will make sure your flooring remains showroom fresh throughout your car's life. 

Carpet mat set - 61.00

Luxury carpet mats - £91.50

Rubber mats - Front £61.50/Rear £34.50


Expand the capabilities of your motor with the addition of one of our towbars. 

With one addition you could go from sensible day-to-day runaround to adventure chasing steed. 

Fixed - £705.00

Detachable - £793.00​

Roof Bars

Whilst you're adding thrill seeking additions to your wheels, why not get the roof bars too. 

Now you can start looking for more from your family getaways and pack for anything life throws at you! 


Discover Navigation 

Of course, before you get to these new far flung thrill-seeking destinations, you're going to need to know where they are. 

That's where the addition of Volkswagen Discover Navigation system will come in very handy 



Luggage Compartment

​​The luggage compartment is a pretty big area of your motor and it's one that gets used quite a lot, from dog walks to family holidays the boot can see a lot of action. 

It goes without saying then, that you will probably want to take as good a care of your luggage compartment as possible. Which is why we offer Volkswagen Accessories luggage compartment protection in the form of our liner or mat. 

The Luggage Compartment Liner - £58.50

Made from and light and flexible material which has been specifically manufactured to fit the boot space in your Golf SV. The high edge design of the Liner also aids in keeping muck in the boot space, rather than allowing it to spread to other areas of the car, while the textured surface of the material promotes an anti-slippage environment for your goods. The Liner can then be rolled away when not in use. 

Luggage Compartment Mat - £69.00

More of a permanent solution than the Liner, the Mat comes as a robust and durable tray which fills the boot space of your Golf SV. The design of the Mat ensures that any muck and grime remains contained and can be easily wiped away. The Mat is easily washable and features the indented surface to prevent your wine smashing into your eggs on the way back from the supermarket. 

Rear bumper protection Film

​​​You know what it's like, you go shopping and you're loading all the bags into the boot of car when you suddenly notice another chip or scratch on the bumper. 

The rear bumper protection film prevents this accumulation & its transparent so no-one will know it's there. 


Mud flaps 

​You can take your level of protection one step further with the addition of our mud flaps. 

The mud flaps prevent mud and rubble from spreading and damaging your underbody, bumpers and sills 

Front - £82.00

Rear - £76.00`

Partition Grille

Your pet is your best friend, but there can be times when you're not seeing eye-to-eye. Or you don't want them ruining the seats.

With the partition grille you can put them in the back and your seats are safe.



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