New Warranty

Replacement parts

All our original replacement parts carry a warranty for a period of two years with unlimited mileage from the date of purchase.

We’ll let you know which items have a longer warranty when you buy your vehicle. Any parts fitted under the terms of the vehicle warranty will be covered for the remaining period of the vehicle warranty

Paintwork protection

Your vehicle warranty covers any manufacturing defect in paintwork, starting from the date of registration, for a total of three years.

Paintwork defects can be fixed free of charge under warranty if:

​ You report the defect to a Volkswagen Van Centre within your warranty period.

​ You tell a Volkswagen Van Centre about the defect as soon as you detect it to ensure there is no further deterioration.

​ The defect was not caused by external influences such as accident damage, industrial fallout or pollution or insufficient care or maintenance.

Body protection

Your new vehicle is manufactured with full protection against rust attacking the internal cavities and will be covered for 12 years (Amaroks built prior to June 2012 are covered for six years).

If this protection fails while your vehicle is under warranty, your local Van Centre will fix free of charge, providing that:

​ The defect is reported to the Van Centre as soon as it's discovered and within the warranty period.

​ The perforation has not been caused originally by damage neglect, insufficient care or maintenance or by external rusting.

​ The Van Centre is advised about any perforation as soon as it is found.

All body repairs will be carried out promptly in accordance with our specification and procedures, using only approved parts and materials, so that your vehicle will continue to enjoy its original level of anti-corrosion protection

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