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Tyre warning light safety​

Keeping your tyres in tip top condition is vital to the safety of both you and your vehicle. If your tyre warning light comes on this could potentially mean; there is either a puncture, your tyres are underinflated or even that they have reached their minimum tread.

To check, pull over in a safe place and physically feel your tyres to see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. If they don’t feel very firm, then it’s likely you just need to top up the air. This can be done at most petrol stations and your tyre pressures can be found either on the inside of the driver’s side door or underneath the fuel cap.

If however you notice an underlined white beading showing on the tyre itself, then this means you’ve reached the minimum tread and your tyres need to be replaced. When checking your tyre, you’ll see a bar which runs the whole way across, this bar rests at 1.6 mm, which the is legal minimum depth of a tyre, so if your tyre is level with this bar then it’s important you replace your tyres as soon as you can. Driving with unsafe tyres puts you and your passengers at risk and also other drivers and pedestrians as it will be harder to gain any traction with the ground without any tread. 

As a family owned and run business with over fifty years’ experience in the motor industry, we know just how important it is to maintain your vehicle’s safety and keep you on the move.

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