SEAT Tyre Maintenance

Your tyres are crucial to the smooth running of your SEAT, make sure they're in the best condition possible.

It’s not breaking news to hear that vehicle manufacturers have stopped supplying vehicles with spare tyres, instead, the vehicle is supplied with an emergency puncture repair kit. A kit which requires you to spray glue into the punctured tyre.

However, this temporary repair method is only suitable for punctures that are less than 4mm wide, and the adhesive also has a sell by date.

Buying a Spare Wheel for your SEAT

Since this change, many drivers have been left stranded after having a puncture, the puncture repair kit not suitable and, therefore, needing to use their recovery service to get them home.

As a dealership, we have received many calls and letters from our customers asking if it’s possible to purchase a spare tyre as an option. We have looked into this and we’re pleased to say that a kit is now available from 01270 417221.

We’re able to supply you with a spare wheel, tyre and fitting kit (which includes car jack, wrench and wheel holder) from just £179 including VAT.

We can fit your spare tyre into your SEAT free of charge and carry out a free visual health check whilst doing this.

If you would like to arrange a booking, please contact our service department on 01270 417221 who will take care of all the necessary arrangements or use the enquiry form.