Autism Aware at Crewe SEAT

At Crewe SEAT, we are committed to making the dealership experience accessible for all. We understand that visiting a dealership can be unfamiliar to many and we aim to make each customer’s journey as enjoyable as possible. As a family-owned company, we recognise the diversity of needs that our customers can have. If you let us know of any requirements you may need during your visit to us, let us know in the ‘Enquiry Details’ section of our enquiry forms and we will try our best! Please quote ‘ AWARE’ alongside any requests to ensure we are prepared.

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As part of our mission to expand accessibility, we have made efforts to make our dealership more welcoming for those on the autistic spectrum. Our trained Motability specialists have completed further training provided by the National Autistic Society. If you need any extra support or information, feel free to contact your specialist or the dealership. Below you will find our video introducing you to our team and explaining what will happen during your first visit to us:

  • What you will need to bring if you a Motability customer
  • Information on the Motability Scheme
  • Directions and video detailing how to get to Crewe SEAT
  • Where to park
  • Layout of the dealership - highlighting entrances, disabled toilets and waiting areas
  • One of our sales executives will walk you through what your first visit will usually include, such as discussing your needs in a vehicle

​Autism Hour​

Every month we also have our regular autism hour on the third Wednesday of every month from 9am - 11am, please see our full timetable. While we will always try our best to accommodate your needs, this hour is specifically chosen at a quiet time in our dealership. We will try and minimise unwanted sensory distractions during this time: turning off our coffee machine, dimming the lights and turning off our radio and TV screens. Our Motability specialists will be on hand during this hour if you have any questions. 

Autism Hour Timetable 2019 - Crewe SEAT​

​April 17th​May 15th​June 19th
​July 17th​August 21st​September 18th
​October 16th​November 20th​December 18th 

Autism Aware safe space kit

​Safe Space

​We understand that dealerships can be uncomfortable if you or your child is on the autistic spectrum: the bright lights, unfamiliar noises and new people. That's why we've put together a safe space kit, to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. The kit includes a pop-up tent made of blackout material, a selection of fidget toys and a fibre optic colour-changing light. If your child is sensitive to noise, we also have children's ear defenders on hand. If you would like this set out in a quiet corner before your visit, simply let us know in the 'Enquiry Details' section, or if you want it during your visit, ask one of our employees and we'll be glad to set it up. 


Sensory Audit


Coffee machine
Typing from the sales desk
Phones ringing
Other customers talking with our employees
Noises from the workshop


TV screens
Natural light from our front-facing glass wall
White spotlights from above on the dealership floor


Coffee machine
Faint smell of oil from the workshop if outside

The toilets and disabled toilet can be found to the left of the reception as you enter the dealership.

Crewe SEAT layout

We value your feedback!

We are continually trying to improve access to our dealerships for all our customers. If you have any feedback from your visit on what we did well and what could have been better, please contact