Autism Aware at Crewe SEAT

As a family owned and run business, we want everyone to feel welcome in our dealerships, we also understand the diversity of needs that our customers can have.

To help make life easier, if you do have anything that we could do to make your visit more enjoyable or less overwhelming, please do let us know by quoting 'AWARE' and your request in the 'Enquiry Details' section of our enquiry forms when you send us a message.

Steps we have taken to make Crewe SEAT more welcoming:

  • Training - All Motability specialists have completed training from the National Autistic Society
  • Video tour - We've compiled a short video, introducing you to our team and explaining what will happen during your first visit with us
  • Autism hour - to help raise awareness as well as make a more relaxing environment for our customers on the autistic spectrum, more information below.
  • Map - can be found further down this page, or downloaded in PDF form here, should give you an idea of where to go when you get here.
  • A safe space - designed to make you or your child's visit less overwhelming, we are happy to set this up prior to your visit if you let us know in your enquiry details, the kit includes:
    • A pop-up tent made from black-out material
    • A selection of fidget toys
    • A fibre-optic colour changing light
    • Children's ear defenders, if they're sensitive to noise
Autism Aware safe space kit

Sensory Audit


Coffee machine
Typing from the sales desk
Phones ringing
Other customers talking with our employees
Noises from the workshop


TV screens
Natural light from our front-facing glass wall
White spotlights from above on the dealership floor


Coffee machine
Faint smell of oil from the workshop if outside

Finding your way around:

Hopefully our map will help you with where to go when you get here and give you an idea of the layout of the dealership. If you'd prefer to download a copy and print it off we also have a PDF map of Crewe SEAT.

The toilets and disabled toilet can be found to the left of the reception as you enter the dealership.

Crewe SEAT Map

We value your feedback!

We are continually trying to improve access to our dealerships for all our customers. If you have any feedback from your visit on what we did well and what could have been better, please contact