All-New e-2008 SUV Your Next Steps

All-new Peugeot e-2008 SUV

Discover the all-new PEUGEOT e-2008 SUV with its 100% electric powertrain.

The new Peugeot e-2008 SUV has the same powerful, fluid, and generous lines as the combustion versions of the 2008 but adopts some exclusive and distinctive design features.

Why​ choose the Peugeot e 2008?

  • 193 mile range*
  • A smooth drive without vibration
  • A silent engine* offering a serene driving experience
  • Low cost of use thanks to reduced maintenance
  • Fast and intuitive charging

What are the 3 driving modes of the e-2008?

  • Sport: priority given to performance and driving sensations (0-60 in 8.5s)
  • Normal: optimum comfort for everyday use
  • Eco: range optimisation

What are the 2 braking modes of the e-2008?

  • moderate: for a feel similar to that of an internal  combustion engine vehicle
  • increased: for deceleration controlled by the accelerator pedal

Charging your Peugeot e-2008 SUV ?

  • 193 mile range*
  • Number of charging options are available (home or public EV charging stations)
  • Scheduled charging can be set up on the smartnav screen or by using the MyPeugeot app
  • It takes 24 hours for a complete charge in a domestic plug
  • From a dedicated charging point you can take approximately 7.5 hours for a full charge
  • You can get 80% of the vehicle charge in 30 minutes** from a 100kW charging station. These chargers can be found in most motorway service stations.

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Driving Range 193 miles
Alcantara Gréval Grey seat trim Seat Trim
3 driving modes Sport,Normal,Eco

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All-New e-2008 SUV Your Next Steps

*Estimated data. For information only. Subject to WLTP certification currently being obtained. Battery life may vary with real driving conditions (weather, driving style, etc.).