Drive a brand new PEUGEOT vehicle every three years.

​ 0-40% advance amount

​ Fixed monthly payments

✔ Three options at the end


Fixed monthly payments help with budgeting and you can avoid potentially costly service and repair bills which you may encounter driving an older vehicle.

As PEUGEOT set the anticipated value expected for your vehicle when your agreement ends, you have no risk of negative equity.

Initial Outlay 


of vehicle price​

Contract Length 



Monthly Payments


monthly payments

How it works:

  • You decide the deposit you wish to pay
  • Make monthly payments over 36 months followed by an optional final payment to buy
  • Choose your annual milage which will forecast the vehicle's value and set the optional final payment to buy


  • Low initial outlay available
  • Fixed monthly payments to help you budget
  • Optional service plan to avoid unexpected servicing costs just when you don't need them!
  • No risk of negative equity
  • All our products come with Payment Waiver

Three options at the end of the contract:

​ pay the amount we anticipate your vehicle will be worth (the anticipated future value) and own your vehicle outright

​ Hand your vehicle back with nothing further to pay (subject to mileage and conditions)

Part-exchange your vehicle for a brand new one.