Sany car at Swansway Group

Sany car is an ozone generator that removes bacteria and allergens from vehicles as well as bad smells such a cigarette smoke.

Swansway Group are pleased to be able to offer this additional service to our service customers before they collect their vehicle back from our workshops, and also to our sales customers before they collect their new car.

Sany car helps to remove 99% of the bacteria found in:

  • Moulds
  • Fungus
  • Yeasts
  • Pollens
  • Mites
  • and it also inactivates virus*

The Sany car device is light and easy to be transported so it can be used in all of our vehicles. The device is positioned inside the vehicle and switched on with one simple button. It is powered with electric energy through the 12V socket in the vehicle. The length of time the device takes to complete a sanitisation cycle varies dependent on the size of the vehicle it is being used in. The cycles range from 20 minutes to 42 minutes.

We will be offering Sany Car for £25.00 incl. VAT across a limited number of our sites.

Please ask us about Sany car when booking your vehicle in with us or when arranging the collection of your new car.^

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What is Sany car?

Sany car is a device that is placed inside your vehicle and connected through an electrical socket. It uses ozone to sanitise and deoderise the interior of your vehicle and the air-conditioning system. It can remove bad smells such as cigarette smoke and also bacteria and allergens. Sany car uses an exclusive safe system that allows it to reconvert the residual ozone in oxygen in a safe, quick and completely automized way.

Does it damage my car interior?

No, it does not leave any residue. It does not damage or leave any stains on fabric.

Does it leave a smell?

Sany car can leave a crisp taint in the air that just smells clean.

I’m asthmatic/have a lung condition. Is it safe?

Sany car is used in the medical world in places such as ambulances and medical cars. It is completely safe for you to have as it removes bacteria and viruses thanks to its oxidative properties. It makes the air and surfaces inside your car healthy and clean.

Does Sany car kill Coronavirus/COVID-19?

*Ozone removes more than 99,00% of bacteria, moulds, fungus, yeasts, pollens and mites and it inactivates virus. Viruses have been studied during their interaction with ozone and it has been found that after exposure to ozone, 99 percent of the viruses tested were inactivated. This has not been proven with Coronavirus/Covid-19 as yet.

^Sany car is currently available at a limited number of Swansway sites. Please check with your service booking agent or sales executive if your site is offering Sany car.