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In terms of size the Captur is right at the beginning of the Renault SUV range. But in terms of popularity it’s right up there with the big boys of the market.

Since its inception in 2013 the Captur has gone from strength to strength to become Renault’s most popular car in the UK, outselling the Clio and the Megane. Which further goes to enforce the love us Brits have for the SUV/Crossover category.

But this overwhelming popularity hasn’t stopped the French brand from continuing to tweak the styling and add features left, right and centre.

Keen to give the Captur a personality all of its own, the French manufacturing team added small details like a new front grille, C-Shaped LED running lights and lashings of chrome to help sharpen the whole thing up.

Although it is a small SUV, you do benefit from a generous amount of interior space. So those looking for a ‘family car’ need not discount the Captur on exterior looks alone.

Up front, the driver and passenger seats are comfortable, with that mantra of surprising spaciousness continuing. There’s even an addition of a lidded bin in the dash, useful on those longer drives! You know those drives where, every so often, you just feel that small hand appear from nowhere to rest palm up on your shoulder presenting the filthiest, stickiest sweet wrapper you’ve ever seen.

Moving to the boot space and an adjustable boot floor means you can get an impressive 455 litres of storage space. If you’re lowering the seat to add more storage you can get up to 1,235 litres! How about that surprising space!