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Used Škoda Octavia Cars for Sale

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Looking for a genuine all-rounder for your next car? Then you could do a lot worse than the Škoda Octavia, your wallet will thank you too!

The truth about the Octavia is that in the complete range there’s something for everyone, those who require a motorway roller will find it pleasant enough to drive without contracting chronic back ache.

But if you’re looking for something a little slicker then you could possibly look at the Vrs model which will generate 248hp. By the same margin, if you often find yourself lugging a lot of cargo, then the estate could be right up your alley.

However if you’re not a door to door washing machine salesman and don’t constantly find yourself in need of more storage space, then the saloon version will absolutely fit all your needs.

What the Octavia is perfectly adapted for is being an extremely affordable, spacious family car.

So you’re determined to hear your last “he/she’s on my side of the seat” then the Octavia, with its sofa-like rear bench will be perfect for you.

It’s also pertinent to say that Škoda haven’t rested on their laurels here and just made perfectly comfortable, reasonable driving saloon.

They’ve also stepped up their interior tech game too, with the introducing of a now ubiquitous 8” touchscreen media centre which features all the mod cons including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink.

So if you’re on the lookout for your next car and it needs to be a roomy, mile muncher, that’s not a pain in the back to drive, with some slick tech that’s not going to pound the wallet, many would say you’re in dreamland, whereas we’d say “have you thought of a Škoda Octavia?”