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For its size, the Peugeot Traveller is incredibly economical. An MPV like this is suitable for large families and people with lots of items to transport, making it an ideal choice for anybody looking for vans on Motability.

While it is similar in stature to a van, it is anything but, although it offers many of the practicalities of its stylistic counterpart. It offers significant interior space which can provide ample room for a large group of passengers. While vans don’t have much in the way of comfort, the interior of the Peugeot Traveller is incredibly comfy and offers additional luggage space behind the third row of seats. For transporting small groups of people who require assistance, it is a godsend. The sliding doors make for easy access into the back seats and the models come with a wide variety of infotainment, including Bluetooth to guarantee everybody is entertained while on their journey.

For something that's so similar to a van, it drives like a sports car. It doesn't have the same intimidating stature of a van. If you're driving through crowded urban streets or looking to get somewhere quickly but have scores of passengers to carry, the Peugeot Traveller provides the best of both worlds. The five-star Euro NCAP safety rating is also peace of mind for those who don't trust large vans.

A very useful vehicle for large groups of people. The Peugeot Traveller is a vehicle suited to a wide variety of uses. And for the buyer looking for a Motability vehicle, it is a very plush way to travel.

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