At Swansway Volkswagen, we understand that your car can be so much more than just a car.

An extension of your lifestyle, freedom to travel and a symbol of independence, it's so important to find the ideal car which suits you and your driving style.

As part of Swansway Group, it's our duty to assist our customers in making this happen, and to ensure the most tailored approach to doing so, we have our designated Motability Specialists ready and waiting to talk you through the details. You may be torn between a few models, or unsure of which drive appeals to you most, but we're here to help. We encourage our customers to test drive as many vehicles as they're able, and to take as long as they like in making their decision. Our specialists are here at every step of the way to advise you, because it's not just about finding a car, it's about finding the right car.

So, let's put a face to a name.

Meet Luke at Crewe Volkswagen

Motability Specialist at Crewe Volkswagen since March 2017, Luke Murphy has always been a fan of all things Auto. Before joining the Swansway Family Luke worked as a Renault Sport Specialist in Warrington where he'd been since 2015, meaning he spent most of his time as the go-to guy!

Although a lover of all things V-Dub from big to small, Luke knows just how important it is to find the perfect VW to be able to adapt to your lifestyle. When he's not helping his customers at Crewe Volkswagen, Luke regularly performs in local pantomimes (3 where he's been the dame) and also enjoys spending his time out on the mountains where he can downhill bike or jump from a parachute. This mix of adrenaline and confidence makes Luke the perfect Specialist for you, as he knows all too well just how important is to be able to adapt when you need to most!

In between costume changes and biking, it makes Luke's day to be able to help his customers. Choosing your next car can sometimes be a daunting thought, so it's important to work with a Specialist who knows exactly what you're looking for and what you need. This is where Luke thrives - seeing his customers drive away on handover day with just one feeling; absolutely delighted!

Meet Mike at Crewe Volkswagen

As Motability Specialist at our Crewe Volkswagen dealership, Mike is well known across the brand. His claim to fame is that when he was younger, he won a Butlins Holiday competition where he was named Bert's lookalike from Sesame Street!

Comedy genius, Mike is always having a giggle with his customers and loves to make people laugh. After that, his customers feel much more comfortable in the dealership, and feel confident in asking any questions they may have.

Mike is a keen fisherman, and so is very patient in finding the ideal car. Such a big decision takes time, and Mike is not one to rush. He understands that for his customers, a car is not just a car, it's an extension of their lifestyle, and so finding the one that suits them perfectly will take time. Still, Mike sticks by his customers at every step of the way, never leaving them in the dark.

Loyal and appreciative, Mike looks after his customers even after they have collected their new Volkswagen. After the sale is completed, the job is not over - his customers are still very much customers, and he still continues to assist them with anything they may need.

Meet Phill at Wrexham Volkswagen

Ex-Goal Keeper for Wrexham FC, Phill is a true Wrexham lover through and through. As our Volkswagen Motability Specialist at our Wrexham branch, Phill is always one for being first in the door, as he lives just a stones throw away from the dealership!

Always keen to be first in line, Phill's smile is the first thing his customers see when entering the dealership, and its very contagious. His customers often comment on how friendly and welcoming he is, and that they thoroughly enjoy being in his company.

One of Phill's key traits is that nothing is ever too much. Although his days off are treasured as time to himself, it's never too much for him just to pop by to assist or answer any questions for a customers. As his home is within a three minute walk away, he tends to stop by to check up that everything is running smoothly, and he may even stay for a cup of tea with his customers!

Keen to keep on top of progress even when he's out of the office, Phill is always available to chat or talk things through, so if you catch a day when he's not in, you can be sure he'll be in touch none the less!

Meet Glenn at Wrexham Volkswagen

With experience in the automotive industry for many years now, Glenn has seen all aspects of what goes into making the ideal Volkswagen. Ex-bodyshop painter, Glenn's attention to detail is second to none, and he's known for checking over his cars with utter perfection. He'll never let a car leave the dealership with a flaw, and if he spots one he's sure to rectify it back to its pristine condition.

Motability Expert at our Wrexham dealership, in his free time, Glenn looks after his pet rabbit, Fluffy, and has some well deserved relaxation. With a sweet and welcoming demeanor, Glenn always ensures his customers are completely at ease when with him. He spends most of time getting to know his customers, and understanding exactly what it is they want from their car. After that, he narrows down the options.

Glenn encourages his customers to ask, ask and ask. No matter how small a query may seem, Glenn is ready and on hand to answer them. He'd much rather provide the answers to ten questions throughout the day, then a customer ponder on one question and be struggling to understand something.

Meet Steve at Wrexham Volkswagen

Although based in the heart of Wrexham, Motability Specialist Steve is actually fluent in Hungarian! Full of surprises, he loves seeing the faces of his two little girls when he comes home from work at the end of each day, more often than not with a different Volkswagen!

As a father, Steve knows just how important it is to find the ideal car to suit not just his one individual customer, but their family too. Space is essential, and comfort is necessary. One of his signature traits is his prolonged test drive, where he really encourages each driver to take a go behind the wheel, and to test out the different seats, front to back. This way, both he and his customers can rest assured that the car suits them, and they can picture themselves travelling in it so often.

Steve also advises his customers to pop back in with their children, to see what they think of the car for themselves. Sometimes overlooked, children tend to speak their minds, and so their first impressions are always important in the decision making process.

Besides, who wouldn't love a bright pink Beetle?

Meet Youssef at Wrexham Volkswagen

Now in his third year at Swansway Motor Group, Youssef Nemmaoui is a firm expert on all things V-Dub. From the popular Golf and Polo range to the Tiguan and Touareg SUVs, Youssef is the perfect person to help find your ideal next Volkswagen completely tailored to your driving needs and wants.

From the moment you spot a Volkswagen that catches your fancy on our website, to when you collect your keys on handover day, Youssef will be with you every step of the way. To Youssef, one of the most important processes of choosing a new car is the test drive (even though it took him a whopping 9 tries to pass his driving test!) so when it comes to the first time his customers take to the drivers' seat, he always aims to tailor his routes to his customers. If you're familiar with driving on rough ground, motorways or rural roads then just let him know and he'll find the perfect route for you to test out your new V-Dub just as you would every day.

When not working with his customers to find their perfect Volkswagen, Youssef can often be found either in the local Nandos (at least 3 times a week) or travelling the world; so if you'd like to book an appointment before he's off on his jolly holidays, simply get in touch to arrange a time and date that suits you best!

As Motability Specialists, our team keen to make their customers feel welcome and at home. Choosing a new car is a big decision, so let's make sure we find the perfect one.

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