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An extension of your lifestyle, freedom to travel and a symbol of independence, it's so important to find the ideal vehicle which suits you and your driving style. 

As part of Swansway Group, it's our duty to assist our customers in making this happen, and to ensure the most tailored approach to doing so, we have our designated Motability Specialists ready and waiting to talk you through the details. You may be torn between a few models, or unsure of which drive appeals to you most, but we're here to help. We encourage our customers to test drive as many vehicles as they're able, and to take as long as they like in making their decision. Our specialists are here at every step of the way to advise you, because it's not just about finding a vehicle, it's about finding the right vehicle.

So, let's put a face to a name.

Meet Matthew

Life-long fan of Leeds United FC, and avid watcher of Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights, Matthew is our Motability Specialist at Volkswagen Van Centre Wrexham.

Known for his witty sense of humor and cheeky giggle, Matthew has been with Wrexham for almost six years. His loyal and friendly approach keeps his customers coming back time and time again, and he never ceases to forget a name. With a memory to rival the very best, Matthew has a fantastic ability to recall all of the little details that a customer is looking for to make their Commercial Vehicle perfect for them.

Matthew is our only designated Motability Specialist at our Wrexham branch, and so he's often in high demand. However, Matthew is known for adhering to his diary by the letter. Each appointment is kept to on the dot, and he never leaves a customer waiting.

Available either through email or landline phone, Matthew is always keen to update his customers on the progress of their new vehicle, even if it's the tiniest movement. He believes in keeping his customers fully informed, and sticking with them every step of the way.

Meet David

From Fisherman to Salesman - David's love has always been relaxing with a fishing rod and a good book at his side. He cooks a fantastic roast lamb dinner as his signature dish and loves kicking off his shoes to sit back and watch the Manchester United game.

David is based at our Volkswagen Van Centre Lancashire branch, and has become one of our long standing staff members. His customers are thrilled to see him every time they return, and he's well known for his 'nothing-less-than-perfect' approach. He's dedicated to finding the ideal vehicle to suit each of his customers individually, and stops at nothing to make sure they have a great experience when choosing and collecting their new Volkswagen.

A firm lover of the brand, David expresses his passion for VW products and services, and always aims to let his customers know of new updates and functions available.

Motability Specialist number one for Lancashire, David is available each day to ensure his customers have all of their questions answered.

Meet Guy

Not only is Guy Motability Specialist number two for Volkswagen Van Centre Lancashire, but he's also a pro at clock repairs! Guy's very first job straight out of high school was repairing Pigeon Racing clocks for a local company, so he's a handy-man to have around when it comes to keeping things up to date!

Naturally an excellent time keeper, Guy is strict with his time management, and always allows plenty of extra time per customer, per appointment, to ensure nothing is rushed or hurried. His attitude is to 'let the customer fall in love with the brand' and so he encourages everyone to take their time in making their decisions.

Buying a new vehicle is a huge step, and as one of the most popular models in our range is the much loved California, Guy's adoration for anything VW certainly rubs off on his customers. Having recently sold his last motorbike in exchange for a Caravan, Guy loves life out on the road, and all things set for exploring. At Lancashire, Guy is our designated California Specialist also, and loves nothing more than chatting away and sharing in experiences with his customers.

As Motability Specialists, our team are keen to make his customers feel welcome and at home. Choosing a new vehicle is a big decision, so let's make sure we find the perfect one.

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