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An extension of your lifestyle, freedom to travel and a symbol of independence, it's so important to find the ideal car which suits you and your driving style. 

As part of Swansway Group, it's our duty to assist our customers in making this happen, and to ensure the most tailored approach to doing so, we have our designated Motability Specialists ready and waiting to talk you through the details. You may be torn between a few models, or unsure of which drive appeals to you most, but we're here to help. We encourage our customers to test drive as many vehicles as they're able, and to take as long as they like in making their decision. Our specialists are here at every step of the way to advise you, because it's not just about finding a car, it's about finding the right car.

So, let's put a face to a name.

Meet Paul

Lifelong fan and follower of Neil Diamond, Paul has been a Honda aficionado​ for many years. Having lived in South Africa for twelve years, Paul is now back home soil in Bolton, and is now our designated Motability Specialist at our Honda Bolton dealership. 

Looking after his customers through and through is instinct to Paul - he is always one to ensure they're having the best experience possible, and goes above and beyond making the purchase of a new Honda, special. 

His wife and two children love to see Paul's smiley face at the end of each working day, and his customers enjoy every moment with him during the day! Paul's signature move is in the test drive. He encourages his customers to spend just that extra bit longer whilst driving their potential new car. He prides himself on making sure that the car is 100% perfect for his customer, and that they leave the dealership as not just a fan of the car, but a fan of the Honda brand. 

Paul's manner is calm and paced, he never rushes a sale and will take his time explaining all the details to his customers and answering any questions they may have. Through this approach, Paul constantly welcomes his returning customers, even more so when he's out and about on the weekly shop and he recognises a face! Making a good impression is what keeps Paul going, and knowing he's making a difference. After that - it's down to the car!

Meet Lee

Keen cyclist for mountain and road biking, Lee is based at our Honda Bolton brand along with Paul as a Motability Specialist. Lee has been working with Honda for just over ten years, and adores the job!

With so much experience under his belt, Lee has seen the industry change over time, but has never once changed his approach. Lee treats his customers with respect, and always listens to what they have to say. Lee advises his customers with his recommendations for each product, although really prefers his customers to trial them for themselves just to see which suits them best.

Lee is known for his uplifting positivity - there never goes a day where he doesn't walk in through the doors in the morning, greet a new customer or leave at 6pm without a huge Cheshire-Cat style grin on his face. He brings with him not only a wealth of knowledge for the Honda brand, but a contagious happiness that certainly rubs off on his customers.

Lee loves having a giggle, and is definitely one to crack a few jokes here and there. He knows how to make his customers feel at ease, and it's by having a good old cuckle!

Meet Sarah

Known for her impressive skills in hand to hand combat, Sarah is a darling at heart. Her fighting spirit takes a step back when it comes to her customers, and instead she makes each person feel calm and at home.

As a Motability Specialist for Honda Stockport, Sarah understands her customers inside and out. She spends most of her time communicating with them either in person, through email or over the phone. She loves keeping everyone up to date with any progress, and always keeps to her promises.

Addicted to her diary, Sarah follows her plans like no other. Whether a customer phone call or a catch up with the admin is due, she'll be there on the dot. Everything is inputted into her schedule, and there's rarely a time when something gets in the way. With this approach, you can be sure that when you're with Sarah, you and only you are her main priority. No distractions - this is your time. And so, she always works to spend each second of it ensuring you find your ideal car.

Any questions or queries you may have, then Sarah is your lady. She's patient with her customers, and encourages them to ask anything at all.

Meet Karl

Ex Mobile and Hospital Radio DJ, Karl is now our Motability Specialist at Honda Rochdale! Very much a Honda-kind-of-guy, Karl certainly knows just how much it means to have the ideal car to suit you, your needs, and your driving style.

While away from his desk, Karl adores his alaskan malamute, Xander, and so he was set out on finding the perfect car at just the right size! Whether it's your pet, your bikes or golf clubs, or if you practically carry the kitchen sink in your boot, Karl always has the priorities of his customers at heart. He works by putting himself in their shoes, and when on a test drive, he offers a good few options of where to head, based on which route is most similar to their normal driving. This way, he gets a real feel for what his customers need.

Karl is very much a people person, he loves getting to know his customers inside and out, and one to remember all the little details. Karl was best man at co-worker Eric's wedding, back in October 2015. A fantastic way to celebrate their friendship, and a brilliant spread. Karl's speech brought tears to eyes and the friendship between the two has grown even stronger.

Karl mirrors this admiration with his customers. He never leaves anything out, and treats each and every person as if he's known them for years. As a family owned and ran business, it means a lot to be able to say that your customers are more than customers, and with Karl, he definitely makes life-long some friends along the way.

As Motability Specialists, our team are keen to make his customers feel welcome and at home. Choosing a new car is a big decision, so let's make sure we find the perfect one.

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