Winter Ownership | Stafford | Swansway Land Rover


Summer feels a long way off, which suits us just fine. Land Rovers are happiest exploring frozen moors and climbing stormy mountains. We’ve made it easier for you to enjoy the best of the season, with high performance Winter tyres, accessories and winter preparations for your Land Rover.


When Winter sets in, it’s wise to prepare your Land Rover for the cold and wet. Or, better still, let us do it.

Book your Land Rover in for a vehicle health check, and prepare for the best of Winter.


If there’s one thing you can rely on in the British winter, it’s changing weather. Stopping distances in cold and wet weather can vary dramatically if your car is fitted with regular tyres.

Land Rover approved Winter tyres use a rubber compound and tread pattern specifically designed to retain flexibility in low temperatures giving you improved braking and traction performance when the temperature drops below 7° C.

This means Land Rover-approved winter tyres stop 10% faster than summer tyres. So your Land Rover is even more capable for any challenges it may face this Winter.


Stafford Land Rover can organise the secure storage of your summer tyres in one of our regional tyres hotels to maintain their condition throughout the Winter months, whilst handling the fitting of your Winter tyres.

This complete service costs just £96 including VAT for up to 6 months storage.


Land Rover Winter Accessories help you make the most of the exciting Winter landscape. From rubber mats to ski and snowboard holders, every accessory has been designed to fit your Land Rover’s rugged, stylish form and ultra-capable functionality.

For more information on accessories contact us using our online form, or give us a call on 01785 336907 .