Land Rover Air Conditioning Service

​ All Land Rover Genuine Parts have been designed, manufactured and tested Land Rover’s uncompromising standards

​ Every Land Rover Genuine Part comes with a 24-month vehicle parts warranty

​ Complete confidence in fit, quality, durability and function

Provide enhanced safety and performance

Land Rover Genuine Air Filters:

Out and about in the fresh air. One of the thrills of having a Land Rover. And thanks to Land Rover Genuine Air Filters, your engine gets the clean, flowing airs it needs too. All designed to the demanding Land Rover filtration and calibration standards.


These air filters provide a micron level of filtration protection against any harmful particles – such as dirt or dust, especially in off-road conditions. Our air filters also minimise restriction on air flow and maintain the controlled flow of clean air required by the engine system.


Each air filter is calibrated to work with a specific Land Rover vehicle derivative, enabling the air flow needed by the engine system and its sensors. Non-genuine air filters may disrupt air flow, leading to issues with sensor readings and potentially compromising engine performance and fuel economy, as well as causing a notable increase in tailpipe emissions.

For more information or to book a service, contact Stafford Land Rover using the online enquiry form, or give them a call on 01785 899441 .