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Winter is Served​

Here at Stafford Land Rover, we’ve always loved winter. It’s the time of year when our vehicles really come into their own. That’s why we’re celebrating those who embrace the British winter and all it has to offer with Hibernot. 

Hibernot is about getting out of the house, getting in the car and taking yourself somewhere fulfilling wherever you live. 

Simon Rogan is a man equally at home in the wild as he is in his two Michelin-starred kitchen. Keen to share another side to winter, we follow him on a foraging journey across Cumbria.

​Like Rogan, Land Rover has a genuine appetite for winter. Our vehicles are built to brave the elements and grant their owners safe passage through whatever the season throws at them. What’s more, we believe winter is not to be endured, but anticipated and experienced. Winter is mysterious and alluring, beautiful and fruitful. So when the clocks go back, we refuse to stay in the confines of our homes. Hibernate? No chance. #Hibernot


Hibernot encourages Land Rover and Range Rover drivers to embrace everything winter has to offer. And this year we’re encouraging everyone to get out and taste the best of winter. To help us in our task, Land Rover have enlisted Britain’s most acclaimed advocate of British food and foraging, the celebrated chef and Range Rover Sport driver, Simon Rogan. He welcomes us to Cartmel, Cumbria, on a mission to dispel the myths surrounding winter produce and serve us Hibernot season on a plate.

Produce that grows over winter grows slower, so tastes better.


Rogan, who spends much of his time toiling the land of his 12-acre smallholding near Cartmel, is a strong advocate of rustling through the nation’s woodlands and hedgerows under nature’s most excellent canopy – but always errs on the side of caution.

“It’s important to do your research and learn very carefully what is edible,” warns Rogan. “Particularly in winter when there’s a lot less around. Plan out routes and of course, wrap up warm!”

“There’s less produce in winter for sure, but it’s still possible to find gems such as curly or Russian kale. Cabbages are particularly good in winter also – and I always look forward to using them in the winter months… produce that grows over winter, grows slower, so tastes better.”

Rogan’s fascination with foraging was forged in his teens. Under the tutelage of a former Savoy chef while serving an apprenticeship in a sprawling Hampshire hotel, he spent his downtime rummaging through the grounds for exciting and unusual ingredients. This appreciation stayed with him throughout his formative years running kitchens across the UK and Europe and formed the ethos of L’Enclume, which after he opened in 2002 went on to be awarded no less than two Michelin stars.

Out here though, away from the pristine silverware and crisp linen napkins, exposed to Cumbria’s most dramatic weather, how does Rogan’s distinctive choice of vehicle aid his passion for alfresco off-grid gastronomic preparation?

“My Range Rover Sport gets me to parts of the Lake District that no others can do which helps me a great deal in my work. The car is fantastic in unforgiving weather conditions, on all terrain and in all seasons, I wouldn’t be without it.”

Land Rover are continuing to work with Simon throughout January, creating an exclusive culinary journey like no other. Here at Stafford Land Rover, we are joining forces with our partners down at Eccleshall RUFC at their home ground, Baden Hall.