Bring your Jeep home to Swansway Chester this summer to the experts and have a summer holiday check-up including the following:

  • Check for outstanding recalls and service campaigns
  • Check for available engine software updates*
  • Battery: visual check terminals and cables
  • Fan belt: condition and tension
  • Coolant level: check for leaks and hose/radiator integrity includes top-up*
  • Windscreen wiper blades condition includes washer fluid top-up*
  • Safety check brakes (condition)
  • Safety check brake fluid (level and condition)
  • Safety check tyres (condition and pressure)
  • Oil level and condition, includes top-up*
  • Check for engine oil leaks
  • Safety check condition of steering, suspension and bushes
  • Check condition of drive shafts and gaiters
  • Lighting: all external and internal lights

Follow the link below to book using our online form, or if you'd prefer, give us a call on 01244 569997 .

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Terms and Conditions

*Additional costs apply for any software updates, full fluid replacement and replacement parts that may be required.