Jeep Wrangler Accessories

Wrangle yourself some excellent added extras on your new Jeep! ​

The Jeep Wrangler is the first name in adventure. Just seeing images of the robust SUV evokes thoughts of rugged terrain and conquering the land.

If you'd love the opportunity to start using your Wrangler as the terrain beating truck it was bred to be, then our accessories can help you on this journey, all the way through to sleeping at the end of the adventure!

To get more information on our range of Jeep accessories, just give our team a call now on 01244 883096 , or you cab get your accessories work booked in online!

If you'd like to see more on the Renegade accessories line, feel free to click the below link to download the brochure now.

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Make your Jeep even more you! With our range of stunning stickers, whether you have a Renegade or a Grand Cherokee, you can make your Jeep stand out from the crowd with ease!

Mirror caps - £153.70

This set of 2 paintable mirror covers come as they would from production. Designed for mirrors equipped with turn signals only. 

Grab handles - £76.78

​Make sure you've got something to hang on to when life gets a bit rough! 


Take care of the finer details on your Wrangler, your side skirts are just as impressive as your front profile.

​Tube steps - chrome​£1,322.50
​Tube steps - black​£990.41
​Side steps​£781.02
​Door sill guards - stainless steel£224.28​
​Door sill guards - black​£96.12
​Rock rails£824.34
​Rock rails Jeep performance parts£2057.89​

Hard top headliner - £1,028.99

The same as production, this headliner comes a kit of eight panels. Each panel includes Aplix hook and loop, separated by a barrier strip. The headliner is black and made of PET substrate with Sage Springs cloth with insulating foam and waterproof backing attached. Boosts efficiency of air conditioning and reduces road noise. Fits two-door models equipped with hard top.


Front grille (Matt Black) - £400.50

Make sure the front of your Jeep says everything about that it needs to! With these changes to your front grille and headlight rings you can be as imposing as you like! 


With these exterior stickers you can change the look and feel of your Renegade in the simplest way possible! Just decide how you want to look! 

Hood graphic 1941£376.97​
​Hood graphic American flag​£376.97
​Body side graphics 1941£208.26
​​Body side graphics Moab mountain£208.26
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Mopar Connect - £309.96

With Mopar Connect and the Uconnect Live App you have a dedicated car assistance system which allows you to stay completely connected to your life wherever you are. 

Mopar is the practicality behind the Jeep's multimedia accessories and the USB pack definitely provides the aesthetics. Get Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Tipo C cables to ensure your car touchscreen reflect your phone's interface. ​

Spare wheel covers

The spare wheel in your Wrangler can often be slightly boring when it's fixed to the rear of your Wrangler.

But the reason for covering your spare wheel stretches beyond the purely aesthetic. These robust covers will also help to keep your wheel away from unwanted eyes and guarded against the elements.

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​Whilst we know that your Renegade is already pretty comfy, you wouldn't be able to get out there and tackle that terrain if it wasn't! But these added accessories could make your journeys even easier.


However you choose to live make sure ​your Wrangler carpets don't suffer as a result! 

All weather floor-mats£261.92
​Carpet floor mats£261.92​

Cargo area

We know you only throw things in your boot when you just need to store them. 

​Black vinyl cargo tote£36.37​
​Trailrail vertical cargo divider​£310.68
​Cargo tub - diesel ​£68.69
Cargo tub - petrol​£72.49
​Pet Kennel£289.87​

Load carrying bags - £299.44

If you've ran out of room in the boot but don't want to start packing things on to the seats in the back. Or you need something with you in the car for the journey but don't want it rattling around the vehicle! these Modular Lightweight Molle Bags



If you're more concerned with making your Jeep look as menacing as you can, then this is the section for you! ​


Whichever look you're trying to achieve it's imperative you get the right alloys on your Wrangler!

​17" Silver alloys£1,922.40
​17" Black alloys £2,776.80

Spare tyre carrier - £400.50

Your spare tyre is a vastly important piece of kit and one that will keep you well insulated against things that can go wrong when you're out in the wild.  

Tailgate reinforcement system - £961.20

The reinforcement is powder-coated black​ and the swing gate hinge reinforcement allows for heavier items to be carried

Windshield tie down straps - £58.01

Powder-coated steel hooks with adjustable straps. Straps that hold the windshield when folded down


The main reason behind you buying a Jeep, other than them being awesome, is the fact that they're the ultimate leisure vehicle. So why not check out our range of accessories which are bred for making your weekends more fun!​


With this latest range of storage accessories you can guarantee you have everything you need to make the most of your downtime!

Ski & snowboard carrier £224.12
Cargo net £64.08
Removable Roof Rack Crossbars £444.07
Hitch Mount bike carrier - 2 e-bikes £986.22
Hitch Mount bike carrier - 3 bikes £984.00
Hitch Mount bike carrier - 2 bikes £745.26
Upright bike carrier £203.34
Kayak carrier £179.08
Canoe carrier £135.35
Roof basket £602.70
Roof basket cargo net £67.18


Home from home

It's not just elements of your holiday that we can improve.

We could ensure that the whole thing goes off without a hitch, from your wheels right through to where you lay your head!

Right now you can get this amazing attachable tent accessory for your Jeep. From just £600.00, you could make sure your home can be wherever you fancy parking it! With this branded tent feature the adventure never has to end!


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