Jeep Compass Accessories

Find your way to your own Jeep Compass adventure! ​

The Jeep Compass doesn't usually have any problems navigating its way around your life.

But with our brilliant range of Jeep Compass accessories we know that you'll have even more reasons to get out there and start trying new things.

From skiing to surfing to kayaking, and everything in-between, we have the Compass accessory for you and your family and friends to make the most of!

To get more information on our range of Jeep accessories, just give our team a call now on 01244 883096 , or you can get your accessories work booked in online!

If you'd like to see more on the Compass accessories line, feel free to click the below link to download the brochure now.

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Make your Compass stand out from the crowd with ease thanks to our amazing personalisation tools. 

Mirror caps

​Glossy black​£134.30


When you're out seeking the next hill to slide down or rock face to conquer, you need to make sure your side skirts are well protected

Door sill guard ​£240.00
​Black rock rails​£2,029.43



Make more of a statement with the look of your Compass. 

Thanks to our range of genuine Jeep decals you can ensure you look the business from the moment you roll up. Whether your showing up to the office, or heading for your favourite downtime location. 

All you have to decide now is, how do you want to look?!

​Black hood decal£217.63​
​Black double patch hood decal​£214.56
​Black body side graphic£188.04​
Jeep Compass on a river bank



​Whilst we know that your Renegade is already pretty comfy, you wouldn't be able to get out there and tackle that terrain if it wasn't! But these added accessories could make your journeys even easier.


It's pretty clear that your Compass is built to help you get out and grab life by the horns. 

But sometimes all that horn-grabbing can be a messy business and your carpet space can bear the brunt of the fun. With our range of protective mats, you can make sure your flooring stays in great condition. 

​Premium carpet floor mats £94.80
​Rubber floor mats Right hand drive​​£144.00
Premium carpet cargo area mat ​£120.00

Cargo area

From your weekly shop right through to sport equipment, make sure your boot space is well equipped to store it all safely. 

​Black vinyl cargo tote£36.37​
​Cargo net ​£41.80
​Pet kennel£​289.87
​Cargo Organizer Holding Band£47.22​
​Telescopic bar for cargo bay organiser£62.15​
​Cargo organiser with telescopic arm ​£416.53

Air deflectors - £240.00

Don't get blown away everytime you decide to open the window with our brilliant air deflectors. 

There's nothing worse than opening the window for some fresh air then getting wind blasted for your troubles. Just get it sorted with our Jeeo branded solution! 



If you're more concerned with making your Jeep look as menacing as you can, then this is the section for you! ​


Get the look you're after from the ground up with our range of sporty alloys. 

​16" 4 wheel alloy kit£396.00
​18" 4 wheel alloy kit£504.00
​19" 4 wheel alloy kit£600.00


The main reason behind you buying a Jeep, other than them being awesome, is the fact that they're the ultimate leisure vehicle. So why not check out our range of accessories which are bred for making your weekends more fun!​


The great thing about your Jeep is that it can be anything you want it to be! You're daily runaround or your weekend escape partner! 

With this latest range of storage accessories​ you can guarantee you have everything you need to make the most of your downtime! 

​Ski & snowboard carrier​£224.12
Roof rack crossbars​£432.00
Roof rails - Black£264.00
​Roof rails - Bright​£258.00
​Expandable roofbox£1,279.20​
​Silver roofbox 460L£676.50​
Dark grey roofbox 460L​£799.50
​Hitch Mount bike carrier - 3 bikes£986.22
​Hitch Mount bike carrier - 2 bikes £984.00
​Surf and paddleboard carrier£228.89
​Upright bike carrier£162.25
​Kayak carrier£179.08​
​Canoe carrier£136.01​
​Roof cargo basket£602.70​
​Roof transport bag ​£323.44
​Roof basket cargo net £67.18​


Home from home

It's not just elements of your holiday that we can improve.

We could ensure that the whole thing goes off without a hitch, from your wheels right through to where you lay your head!

Right now you can get this amazing attachable tent accessory for your Jeep. From just £600.00, you could make sure your home can be wherever you fancy parking it! With this branded tent feature the adventure never has to end!


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Prices correct at time of publishing (January 2021)