Jaguar Warning Lights

When you choose a car like a Jaguar, you know you’re paying for quality. But as with all vehicles, there’s a risk of a fault or a problem from time to time - especially as your car begins to age.

As a superior car, your Jaguar is able to monitor itself. With a dashboard full of controls to help you monitor performance, brakes, emissions and more, your car can help you identify an issue so that you can take action when dashboard warning lights appear.

Jaguar cars feature many familiar warning lights that can help indicate an issue, but it’s important to familiarise yourself with Jaguar-specific warning lights to help you understand what they mean and when you should get your car checked out.

Take a look at our guide to Jaguar warning lights to help you take better care of your car.

Different types of Jaguar warning lights

Jaguar warning lights can be broken down into three types of lights - red, amber and green.

  • Red lights signal a serious issue, and you should stop driving as soon as you can to investigate.
  • Amber lights signal that some form of action is needed, such as an oil top up.
  • Green lights are just advisory. No action is needed for green lights.
  • Getting to know what the different warning lights mean can help you avoid serious problems with your car. But if you have any concerns or questions about your Jaguar’s warning lights, the team at Swansway Garages will be more than happy to help.

    Jaguar Red Warning Lights

    Low oil pressure

    If your low oil pressure indicator illuminates or begin to flash, stop driving as soon as you safely can, making sure you turn off the engine completely after you’ve stopped.

    Inspect your oil level and top up if required. If the light stays on or keeps flashing, turn off the engine and either seek roadside assistance or book the vehicle in for a service.


    When you turn on your vehicle’s ignition, the 12v battery charge light should come on to indicate that the bulb is working, and once the engine has started this will stop. However, if the light stays illuminated or it comes on suddenly while you’re driving, then there could be a fault with the battery. This will need inspecting to address the root of the problem.

    Handbrake and braking system

    Like the battery light, the brake warning light will illuminate when you start the ignition and should go off once you start driving. If, however, the light stays on or illuminates while driving, you should stop the car to inspect. Check your brake fluid and top up if necessary, or seek help if fluid isn’t the issue. 

    Exhaust DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

    The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) light signals that the vehicle’s DEF levels are very low. There will be on-board messages to advise. If the vehicle runs empty of DEF, it won’t run. Another issue could be that the wrong fluid has been added, which will need to be checked. It could also indicate a system fault.

    When the light appears, stop driving as soon as you safely can and investigate. You might need to book a service if you suspect that fluid levels aren’t the problem.

    DEF Exhaust filter

    Newer diesel Jaguar vehicles produce much lower exhaust emissions because of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid. With these models, the car will simply stop instead of damaging the engine if the DEF reservoir runs out. The warning light will illuminate when the DEF level is seriously low, as well as if the incorrect fluid has been used or there’s a system fault. Check the levels as soon as possible and seek help if there is a fault.

    Seat belt

    If either the driver or passenger unbuckles their seat belt when the vehicle is in motion, the seat belt warning will come on, and an alert will chime too. Once the seat belt has been plugged back in, the warning light will disappear.

    It’s worth noting that if you put a heavy item (shopping or a bag, for example) on the passenger seat, it could trigger the seat belt warning. You should either fasten the seatbelt or store these items elsewhere. 

    Lane departure warning

    If you have your lane departure feature active, you should use your vehicle’s indicators when crossing a lane marking. If you don’t do this, the lane departure warning light will come on, and you’ll feel a vibration in the steering wheel.

    Triangle critical warning

    Your triangle critical warning light will illuminate when there is an important message displayed on the instrument panel and should be investigated as soon as possible.

    Engine temperature

    If the engine’s temperature is too high, the engine temperature warning light will come on. This will be accompanied by a warning message on the instrument panel. If this happens while driving, stop the vehicle when it is safe to do so. You can then report the fault or get some advice. 

    Jaguar Amber Warning Lights

    Hill Descent Control

    The Hill Descent Control (HDC) lights up when the system has been selected and is controlling a steep hill descent. If the light is flashing instead, it’s because the HDC is fading out or the operating conditions aren’t being met.


    When you first start the ignition, the airbag light will illuminate as a bulb check, and should go off shortly after. If the light comes on while you’re driving, there could be an airbag system fault and you should book in a service to have it checked out. 


    The ABS (auto braking system) light will illuminate briefly as a bulb check. If it comes on while driving, there could be an ABS fault and you should avoid heavy braking and book in a service to have it checked out. 


    The brake light will illuminate briefly as a bulb check. If the light continues to be on after you’ve started the engine, or appears as you are driving, you could be experiencing an issue with the braking system, such as the brake pads being worn. Drive carefully and book in a service to get the issue fixed

    Check engine

    The check engine light will illuminate after you’ve switched on the ignition and should go off when the engine starts. If it stays lit while driving, then there could be an issue with the emissions. Your vehicle will still be safe to drive, but you should book in a service as soon as possible. You might experience reduced performance from your Jaguar, which will be in limp-home mode to protect the vehicle from further damage. 

    If you notice the light is flashing while driving or when the engine running, slow down and get the engine looked at as soon as possible.

    DEF filter warning light

    The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) will appear amber if the DEF level is running low. It can also light up if the wrong fuel has been added, or due to a system fault. Check your instrument panel for an accompanying warning.

    Dynamic Stability Control

    The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) light will flash when the system is triggered. It will stay lit if there is a system fault, and the instrument panel will have an accompanying warning message. You will still be able to drive with the light on, but you won’t benefit from DSC assistance, so take extra care when driving. 

    If there is a fault with the system, it remains illuminated and the instrument panel displays a warning message. You can still drive, but the DSC assistance won’t be on, so proceed with caution.

    Dynamic Stability Control Off

    If the DSC system has been turned off, then the DSC Off light will show. You should also hear a chime and there will be a message confirming the action in the instrument panel.

    Exhaust filter warning light

    If the exhaust filter is filling up, the exhaust warning will light up. There should also be an accompanying warning in the instrument panel. When it’s safe, follow the on-screen guidance.

    External temperature

    The external temperature light will come on when the temperature outside the vehicle is low enough for ice to form, alerting you to potentially dangerous driving conditions. Proceed with caution.

    Follow mode

    The follow mode lights up when the adaptive cruise control system is using follow mode to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. 

    Amber Triangle Generic Mode

    When the general warning triangle is lit, it means that the instrument panel is displaying a non-critical warning or information message

    Glow plugs (only for diesel Jaguar models)

    When the ignition is switched on, the glow plug lamp will light up to signal that the glow plugs are actively helping to start the engine.

    Low fuel warning

    The low fuel warning light will come on when fuel level is low. Refuel as soon as possible. 

    Rear fog lights

    The rear fog light will come on when the rear fog lights have been switched on.

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light will come on to signal that either one or more of the vehicle’s tyres are under-inflated. There will also be an accompanying message on the instrument panel. When it’s safe, stop your vehicle and check your tyre pressure, and inflate if needed. 

    If the TPMS light flashes, there could be a system fault that will need inspecting.

    Jaguar Green Warning Lights​

    Auto High Beam Assist

    The Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) light will come on when the HBA feature is activated. It ensures your lights dip automatically to prevent you dazzling oncoming vehicles

    Cruise Control

    The cruise control light will light up when cruise control is activated.

    Auto Stop/Start

    Your vehicle’s auto stop/start system can help save fuel when you’re stuck in traffic. The light will come on when the engine has shut down temporarily, ready to start again as needed.

    Direction indicators

    The direction indicators (left or right) will flash when they are being used. If there is a fault with the bulb, the warnings will flash at twice the usual rate. 

    Forward alert

    The forward alert light will come on when the system is activated. A warning sound will be emitted if another vehicle or object is detected in the area.

    Lane departure warning

    When the lane departure system is active, the light will come on. Green lights signal recognised lane markings while others will display as grey.

    Exhaust filter

    After the filter has regenerated successfully, the light will briefly light up green. 

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    Getting to know your Jaguar’s warning lights will ensure you’re familiar with serious vehicle issues, and what’s normal for your vehicle. If a dashboard warning light shows something that indicates a fault or a serious issue, make sure you contact us for a service.

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