New Jaguar SUV Range

Jaguar SUVs are stylish cars with sport-inspired designs, which offer plenty of space for families or anyone else who might need a larger vehicle. Jaguar has three main SUV ranges: F-Pace, E-Pace, and I-Pace. The F-Pace is roomy, offering practicality and efficiency. The E-Pace is the smallest Jaguar SUV, while the I-Pace offers an all-electric option.

While there are three primary options if you're looking for a Jaguar SUV, there are several models in each range to choose from too. The available models offer different specs in terms of fuel consumption and more, giving you more choice when you're deciding if a Jaguar SUV is right for you.

How much are the Jaguar SUVs?

The Jaguar SUV models range in price from the cheapest option, the E-Pace at £30,490 to the most expensive, the F-Pace SVR, which is £75,375. While the F-Pace range has some slightly more expensive options, you can generally expect to pay more for the electric I-Pace range. The least expensive I-Pace is the I-Pace S at £65,195, and the most expensive is only a little cheaper than the F-Pace SVR.

​Which Jaguar SUV has the best fuel consumption?​

The Jaguar SUVs offer a range of performances in terms of MPG. The best option for fuel consumption is the F-Pace Portfolio or F-Pace R-Sport, both of which offer an MPG of 45.8. The lowest-performing option is the F-Pace SVR at 22.6 mpg. However, most Jaguar SUV options have fairly similar fuel consumption.

The I-Pace range is an all-electric range, meaning that there is no MPG figure. However, there are figures for how many kilowatts the SUVs use per 100 miles, and there is also an equivalent MPGe. All of the I-Pace models offer the same performance in this respect, with a 76 combined MPGe, making it an efficient option for eco-conscious drivers.​

Which Jaguar SUV is the most practical (most boot capacity)?

If you're considering an SUV, it's likely because you want plenty of space. Whether it's so you can fit your whole family in the car, or because you want space for your camping gear, Jaguar offers a range of sizes in their SUV range. The E-Pace range is the smallest, providing a compact SUV, while the F-Pace is larger.

  • F-Pace Range - 650 litre boot
  • E-Pace Range - 425 litre boot
  • I-Pace Range - 577 litre boot