Honda Approved Used Service Plans 

Make sure you get peace of mind with your next Honda​

No wants to hear it, but sometimes things don't work as we'd want them too.

But at Swansway Honda, we can make it so that even when things aren't going your way, you're well prepared. So you can stay ahead of the game. 

Our service plans are pre-paid packages, paid in one sum, that allow you to drive your Honda without worrying what's around the corner. 

What's Covered?

As detailed in your Hondas service book, every part of it's scheduled servicing is covered, from labour to parts including the VAT! So you can rest easy knowing you're completely covered. 

What's more, if your fancy new Approved Used Honda is equipped with the Honda Service Reminder System (SvRS) you may also be prompted to take care of some additional A servicing like oil and filter changes, dependant on your driving style and car usage. 


What're the Benefits?

There's loads of great benefits to be had from getting your services completely taken care of with one of our plans. We've managed to cram these down into 3 pieces. 


As the payment for your service plan is one up front cost, this price is significantly reduced from what the collective price of servicing would be. 

Add to this the fact that you're protected against any future price increases after your initial payment and you're laughing.


Another upside to getting your service plan booked in with us is that you can be sure that we use nothing but genuine Honda parts fitted by our experts. 

Our Honda trained technicians know your car better than you do, so they know exactly how to take care of it for you. It would be like taking your dog to it's own personal vet. 


Whenever we buy used vehicles we want to know that they've been looked after properly. So a service book full of genuine Honda stamps is a really attractive site for another potential buyer in the future. 

Servicing your Honda with us will also mean that it retains its value really well. So you get a great price, the buyer gets a perfectly manicured new Approved Used car and everyone's a winner!

What's next?

So now you're probably thinking, sounds great! How do I get my hands on one of these service plan dealies?!

Well the answer is simple. Choose from the chart what kind of a plan you'd like to go for at a price that's right for you. Then you can give your local Swansway Honda servicing team a call for more info on how you can get your Honda's future taken care of.

Give your local Swansway Honda centre a call now for more info. Or enquire online now.

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Terms & conditions:

*Whichever comes first.
† The Service Reminder System (SvRS) can be found on your Honda's dashboard display. It lets you know when your Honda is due for a service, plus displays codes for any items needing attention. Refer to your handbook for more

Qualifying vehicles: all Honda petrol, diesel & hybrid models that are less than 48 months old and have covered less than 50,000

Excluded vehicles: Honda NSX, Honda vehicles that are over 48 months old and have covered more than 50,000 miles.