Potholes Damage on your Honda

How To Minimise Damage To Your Honda

It’s a fact that potholes can damage your car, even if you react in time. Some damage to your vehicle can be visible, it might take you a while to notice that your car isn’t handling as well as it used to.Potholes are usually caused by the expansion and contraction of water both in and on the ground and they are most common on the roads during winter and spring. 

What damage can a pothole do to my Honda?

The uneven and harsh surface that potholes create on the roads can put a lot of stress on your vehicle's tyres and suspension. Hitting a pothole can damage your tyres in many ways including; punctures, wear to the suspension or completely break them.

Larger and deeper Potholes can even damage alloy wheels and components underneath your Honda.  If you have hit a pothole and notice anything unusual (the feel when driving or any strange sounds) whilst driving your vehicle, make sure to get your car checked at your local Honda garage.

How to Avoid Pothole damage to your Honda:

  • Tyre Pressure - Make sure that your Honda's tyres are at the optimum pressure; over or under inflated tyres will make pothole damage more likely.
  • Be wary of puddles - The puddle could be concealing a pothole. Try not to drive through the puddle, to avoid the risk of hitting a pothole. If this isn't possible approach with caution.
  • Stay alert - Be aware of your surroundings, look at the road ahead to spot potholes early on.
  • No swerving - Try to avoid suddenly swerving to avoid a pothole. This is dangerous and can but both you and any oncoming traffic in danger.
  • Reduce your speed - If you hit a pothole at speed, you are much more likely to damage your Honda.
  • Braking whilst in a pothole - Gently brake before hitting a pothole however once you go over it, try to avoid braking further. This is because it can cause damage on the front suspension.
  • Steering Wheel Grip - Hold the wheel firmly in the 10 to 2 position to avoid the steering wheel being knocked out of your hands when driving over a bumpy surface.

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