Honda MOT Offer

We know the MOT is a dreaded examination of your vehicle, because it can end up costing you an arm & a leg. But they are essential in ensuring that your car is roadworthy and, more importantly, safe.

The MOT consists of a technician giving your car the once over, by eye, to make sure that there is nothing glaringly out of line. The examination is mainly focussed on your brakes and emissions.

If your car is in need of an MOT and you fail to get one completed you can expect some hefty repercussions. From a £1,000 penalty and the inability to renew your road tax. Which, in turn, is a prerequisite for insurance companies. So now your insurance is void and your open to a penalty of up to 8 points on your licence.

To avoid this, we're offering you the chance to come and let our experienced technicians give your car the once over for just £40. So it's either face a £1,000 fine and up to 8 points on your licence or pay £40 for the test. That's what we call, the definition of, a no brainer!

If you have a service plan with us then your MOT Test will already be included! But if not, get in contact with our team now to book your £40 test.

Book your MOT Test now!

If you want more info about what happens during your MOT then either click on the video, or have a read through our blog post explaining what you can expect in an MOT.

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Terms & conditions

*Promotional prices are only valid for MOT tests booked in & completed before 31st December 2018 and does not include any additional work identified during the test.