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Here at Swansway Honda we offer a variety of ways to service your car. Book your interim or full Service online today or if you're not quite due a service we have engine oil and filter change options for you to select. In addition to this we also offer MOTs and other maintenance work that your car may need for example brake pad changes or cambelt replacement.

Regular servicing can help to keep your car running smoothly as well as flag any potential problems early on, meaning you can hopefully catch any costly problems before they get worse. Making sure you get your car checked regularly will not only keep your car in better condition but help keep you and your passengers safe. No matter what your car needs, we will be here to help and we will be happy to answer any queries about your car servicing. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01204 827908 ​ for Honda Bolton and 0161 8250238 ​ for Honda Stockport.

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All of our technicians are Honda trained, to make sure your car is in the best hands, plus all the work we complete is done with Honda genuine parts.

Why book your service with Swansway Honda?

  • Manufacturer approved servicing
  • Honda trained technicians
  • Genuine Honda parts
  • Spread the cost of your service, interest free.

Buy a service plan!

You can now buy a service plan online, These plans allow you to take advantage of many great benefits such as inflation proof pricing, maintained fuel economy and so much more.

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Spread the cost of your service interest free

With our customers in mind, we're pleased to announce our brand new 0% Finance on Swansway Services and repairs. Now, when your service bill comes to anything between £80 - £3,000, you have the option to spread the cost across 6 monthly installments at 0% finance.

Honda Extended Guarantee from only £299*

If your standard warranty has expired and you want the assurance of knowing you'll still be covered by the people who know your car best, then you’ll want to consider one of our Honda Extended Guarantees. They're a great way to keep your peace of mind and avoid any unforeseen repair costs.

*Terms and conditions apply

Honda FIVE plan

5 years servicing on your brand new Honda for only £649

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Honda MOT - £45*

A clear price, a great value service and a thorough check of your car, by Honda technicians using only Honda parts.

Plus, as part of our exceptional Honda Retail Service Promise, we'll even give you a complimentary Safety Check, just to give you that extra peace of mind.

Even better, a full Honda MOT means a full Honda MOT - you'll be covered for:

  • Body and vehicle structure inspection
  • Fuel system checks (for leaks, security and pipe condition)
  • Steering and suspension checks
  • Lots more checks, double checks and triple checks
  • Seats for security
  • Horn operation

If you book a Service and MOT at the same time, the MOT will only cost you £45*. (MOT is arranged with Authorised Dealer and paid for separately)

*At participating Dealers only. An MOT is £54.85 if not booked with a service. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Fixed Price Servicing for 0 - 3 years

1st Year Service

All Models (exc. Type R, Honda e, NSX and S2000) - £260
Type R - £275
Honda e - £175
12,500 miles / 12 months
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect front and rear brakes (% wear)
  • Check and adjust parking brake
  • Check lights and alignment
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Carry out visual check of:
    • tie-rods
    • Steering & driveshaft boots
    • suspension components
    • brake hose and lines (including ABS)
    • exhaust system
    • fuel lines
    • vehicle corrosion
  • Check tyre condition - pressure & wear (report mm)
  • Check expiration date for TRK
  • Check wipers

2nd Year Service

All Models (exc. Type R, Honda e, NSX and S2000) - £330*
Type R - £345
Honda e - £225
25,000 miles / 24 months
Everything included in your 1st year service plus:

  • Replace dust and pollen filter
  • Inspect drive belt
  • Replace transmission fluid (cvt models only)*
  • Replace air filter element (Insight only)

3rd Year Service

All Models (exc. Type R, Honda e, NSX and S2000) - £310*
Type R - £325**
Honda e - £250
37,500 miles / 36 months
​Everything included in your 1st year service plus:

  • Replace brake fluid
  • Replace air filter element (not insight)
  • Replace fuel filter (diesel models only)**

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Honda dealerships in Stockport or Bolton.

*Add gearbox change for CVT vehicles only. Add diesel fuel filter change at either 24 months or 36 months as applicable. 

**Add valve clearance for Civic Type-R (FKB) at 75,000 mile service.

Fixed Price Servicing for 3+ Years

Honda 12

All Models (exc. Type R & Honda e) - £200
Type R - £215
Honda e - £175
  • Note any body damage
  • Fit car protection kit
  • Check operation of all lights
  • Check operation of horn
  • Check operation of wipers
  • Check operation of windscreen washers
  • Top up washer fluid
  • Drain and refill engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filter and sump washer
  • Inspect brake pipes and fuel lines
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect front brake pads % wear
  • Inspect rear brake pad/shoe wear, remove brake drums if required
  • Inspect brake discs
  • Inspect cooling system for leaks
  • Inspect auxiliary drive belts
  • Check antifreeze content
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Check battery condition - Midtronics Tester
  • Inspect tyres and set pressures
  • Report on tyre tread depth (mm)
  • Check front and rear suspension
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check driveshaft and gaiters
  • Check track rod ends and ball joints
  • Check and adjust handbrake
  • Road test brakes
  • Road test steering
  • Road test suspension
  • Road test engine and transmissions
  • Road test heating system
  • Road test check for abnormal noises
  • Complete safety health check
  • Note any additional work required
  • Inspect under body for corrosion

Honda 12+

All Models (exc. Type R & Honda e) - £310
Type R - £325
Honda e - £225
All 35 checks in the Honda 12, plus we will:

  • Replace air filter
  • Replace pollen filter
  • Replace brake fluid

Honda Fixed Price Repairs

What does 'fixed price repairs' mean?

When you put your car in for repairs, there'll be no hidden charges, added extras or surprise costs.

What do I get?

With Honda Fixed Price Repairs*, you'll get one price that includes the cost of the parts, labour and VAT on all models.

Not only is all work guaranteed for 12 months, but it'll be fixed by Honda trained technicians, using genuine Honda parts. It's all a part of our special Honda Retail Service Promise.

All the fixed prices for essential repairs*

Front brake pads £136
Type R (non-Turbo) Front Brake Pads £221
Type R (Turbo) Front Brake Pads £270
Rear brake pads £136
Front brake pads and discs £329
Type R (non-Turbo) Front Brake Pads and discs £454
Type R (Turbo) Front Brake Pads and discs £681
Rear brake pads and discs £329
Battery £155
2 Front wiper blades £38
Rear wiper blade £21
Pollen filter* £54
Enhanced Pollen Filter £130
Air filter £55
Front Drop links (each) £138
Spark plugs iridium £148 (Set of three)
£197 (set of four)
£352 (set of eight)
Spark plugs steel £97 (set of four)
£150 (set of eight)
Coolant change £93
Brake fluid change £73
Air con service £65
Timing Belt (excludes Civic 1.0 Turbo Petrol) £254
Civic 1.0L Timing Belt £1,284
CVT Fluid £115
Front Wheel Bearing £287
Rear Wheel Bearing £287
Clutch Fluid £42
Clutch Kit £815
Manual Gearbox Oil £93
Wheel Alignment £35 (Front)
£70 (4x Wheels)
Manual Gearbox Oil £93
Auto Transmission Fluid £93
Petrol Fuel Filter (P1) £85
Petrol Fuel Filter (P2) £174
Diesel Fuel Filter £126
Differential Oil £93
Valve Clearance £125
Auxiliary Belt £101
A Service Petrol £88
A Service Diesel £88

*A charge will apply for models with two pollen filters

Pricing valid as of March 2021.