This is a summary of cover only and does not detail the full terms and conditions of your warranty product.

  • Covers the majority of major mechanical and electrical components against breakdown or failure
  • Protects against the costs of replacing parts and the labour to fit them
  • No limit to the number of repairs you can claim for
  • Temporary vehicle replacement whilst warranty repairs take place
  • Up to 60 days warranty cover whilst on the continent
  • Warranty available for up to 24 months
  • Transferable where vehicle is sold privately


Your AutoTrust Formula 2 warranty covers the following components against mechanical or electrical breakdown (subject to the conditions detailed in the Warranty Handbook and the maximum claim limit).

Mechanical and electrical breakdown is the failure of a component, causing a sudden stoppage of its function, for a reason other than wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence. Damage caused by the effect of overheating is not regarded as a mechanical breakdown under the terms of the warranty.

ABS - Wheel sensors.

Braking system – Brake limiter valve, calipers, master cylinder, servo, wheel cylinders.

Casings – Engine, final drive, gearbox and transmission.

Central Locking - Solenoids.

Clutch – Clutch cover, clutch fork and pivot, plate, master cylinder, slave cylinder and thrust bearing.

Consumables (as part of a valid claim) – Oil, oil under this warranty filter, brake fluid and anti-freeze.

Cooling system – Water pump, thermostat and housing, radiator, viscous fan coupling.

Differential and driveline – CV joints, internal differential components, drive shafts, halfshafts, propshaft and universal joints.

Electrics - Alternator, electric window switches, cooling fan motor, horn, indicator relay and starter motor.

Electronic ignition system – Crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor and engine E.C.U.

Engine – Camshaft, camshaft followers, camshaft pulleys, conrods and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder bores, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, flywheel, gudgeon pins, oil pump, pistons and rings, push rods, rocker assembly, starter ring gear, tappet gear, tensioners, timing belts, timing chains, timing gears, valves and guides.

You are not covered for burnt out, lacquered or pitted valves, or any damage resulting from the failure of worn timing belts which have not been replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Fuel system - Air flow meter and tank sender unit.

Gearbox – Internal automatic gearbox components, electric governor, internal manual gearbox components, oil cooler, overdrive unit and torque convertor.

Manual and power steering – PAS pump, PAS rack, pressure pipes, rack and pinion and reservoir.

Oil seals and gaskets – Any which require the removal of a major component i.e. engine, gearbox and/or differential.

Steering - PAS pump and PAS rack.

Turbo unit – Turbo unit, including wastegate.

Wheel bearings – Failure of the bearings.

Important – Unless specifically listed above, all other parts are excluded.


Bring your vehicle to us, your supplier, and we will confirm whether the warranty is still in force and the repair is valid. We will then handle the repair on your behalf. If you cannot bring the vehicle back to us please follow the instructions detailed in the Warranty Handbook, or call the administrator on 0844 573 8002.

Important – Repair work must not commence until our administrator has agreed the claim. Failure to comply with this requirement will affect your ability to claim under this cover.

Cancellation Rights

You have the right to cancel this warranty within 14 days of receiving your Warranty Handbook and Validation Certificate. Should you wish to cancel within this period please contact either your supplying dealer or the administrator who will arrange cancellation and full refund. Unless cancelled in accordance with the cancellation rights detailed above, in normal circumstances no refund will be made and in no circumstances if a claim has been made.

How to Make a Complaint

We hope that you will be pleased with the service we provide.

In the unlikely event of a complaint, you should contact the administrator in the first instance on 0844 573 8002, or in writing to: The Customer Services Manager, AutoTrust Warranty Administration, Jubilee House, 5 Mid Point Business Park, Thornbury, West Yorkshire BD3 7AG.

Data Protection Authorisation Statement

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