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It is estimated that around 60% of motorists do not regularly check their car’s brakes; this goes some way to explain how brakes are a factor in 17% of all MOT failures. With suspension related failures accounting for a further 19% you can see the importance of regular brake and suspension checks.

In order to maintain efficient braking and crisp handling it is important to have your car's suspension and braking system checked regularly.

The Braking & Suspension check consists of:

  • Check the front brake pads and discs for serviceability.
  • Check serviceability of the rear brake shoes and drums or discs and pads (depending on the brakes fitted to your car).
  • Check the condition of all flexible brake hoses and fixed lines (where visually accessible).
  • Check the braking cables for condition and wear also check the handbrake operation.
  • Check the brake fluid level and its condition.
  • Brake fluid is hygroscopic (attracts moisture)
  • which affects the brake fluid’s efficiency. It is recommended that it should be changed every 2 years.
  • Check the condition of the front shock absorbers and springs.
  • Check the condition of the rear suspension.
  • Check the condition and wear of front suspension arms, bushes and joints.
  • Check wheel bearings for excess movement and play.
  • These checks will be carried out by a Fiat trained technician. If any further work is required, customers will be provided with a fully fitted quotation. All parts used in any subsequent repairs will be original Fiat
  • Genuine parts, all of which are rigorously tested, fit perfectly and carry a Fiat manufacturer’s warranty.

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