New Fiat Add-ons

When you are purchasing your new car there are a number of additional items you can add to the package that can help to preserve and protect the value of your car.

Fiat offer many Add-ons, these include:

  • Asset Protection - This is designed to help you in the event that your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair.
  • Alloy wheel repair insurance - This policy is designed to protect you from the cost of repair to an alloy wheel fitted following accidental or malicious damage.
  • Cosmetic repair insurance - Will provide a cosmetic repair or where appropriate a touch-in repair to minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle.
  • Tyree insurance - You can claim for up to 4 tyres fitted to your vehicle and one space tyre as a result of damage occurring.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the add-on products available: