DS Service Plans

Service Plans are a great way to spread the costs of your vehicles services. Parts and labour costs will be covered by your servicing plan. Any future increases in inflation will have no effect on the price. With no hidden costs, you can easily anticipate the monthly amount and budget for it.

What does my DS Service include?

  • Full vehicle inspection
  • Check and top up of fluid levels
  • Replacement of oil and oil filter
  • Diagnostic reviews
  • Safety and Environmental Checks
  • Any additional check needed due to the age or mileage of your vehicle, as defined in your Warranty and Maintenance Handbook.

Are DS Service plans worth it? Here are 4 benefits of a DS Service Plan:

  • Having a full DS Service history on your vehicle increases your cars resale value.
  • Guarantee it’ll be inflation-proof, this means if prices for labour and parts increase you don't have to worry that your payment will increase as its fixed to what you and the dealer agree.
  • There are two helpful payment options. Affordable fixed monthly payments or you can pay with one upfront payment.
  • If you sell your DS before your Service Plan ends, you can transfer it to your next DS*

* Depending on your next vehicle monthly payments may fluctuate.

Your DS service plan is contract free and the payments are flexible, this means that you’re free to move and change at any point.

If you choose a Citroën DS car for business use, the VAT may be reclaimable.

For more information call our helpful DS team on 01244 569924  to discuss purchasing your DS Service Plan, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding service plans. 

Buy a Service Plan online for your DS below: