DS Accessories 

Make your DS more suited to your lifestyle with our stunning range of accessories​

When you bought your DS you knew you would then be able to be an example of sophistication, style and ​elegance for all.

With our range of stunning accessories, you can be sure that your DS continues to be this model example of quality, but it's also the perfect vehicle for your life! 

Because we know that there's definitely more to life than looking great when you pull up in the work car park. We have a range of elegant accessories to ensure you make the most of your downtime too!

Get more info on our range of accessories now by giving our team a call on 01244 569924 ​, or you can enquire online quickly and easily now. 

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Your DS has been graced with absolute style and elegance already. But there's nothing better than have having high quality accessories directed squarely at making your life easier!

​With our range of styling accessories you can alter the look and feel of your DS to match your personality. From roof decals that can be switched and themed throughout your DS3 right through to complete changes of interior space including dashboard and even your gear knob. 

Because fashion dictates, if you're going to commit to a theme, then it's got to be complete! 

Check out our range of styling accessories now for more on how you can make your DS more you.

Professional male standing alongside blue DS 3 CROSSBACK



We all know that the only place to start creating a new, exciting look is with the shoes. 

So in that vein, the only place to start creating a new vibe with your DS is by getting the alloys you want! 

With our range of amazing alloys you can ensure that your DS causes a scene whenever you take out on to life's catwalk, the road. 

Further to having excellent, show-stopping alloys, you can also get some captivating centre caps which will ensure that your look is complete. Choose from a range of colours now. 

Mirror caps 

You can have all the exterior style you want , but if you don't take care of the small details then you'll get left behind in the style stakes!

So make sure you take good care of the minutiae of your look. 

With our stunning range of mirror caps you can add as many flourishes of colour, or dabs of sophisticated style you like! 

Included in the range are striped motifs for the DS3 and elements of chrome for the Crossback models. 



Tech in cars is moving forwards at an extreme pace currently. You can make sure you're completely up to speed with the latest advances with our range of multimedia accessories​


Your DS interior is a model in handmade quality with knowledge of craft passed down through generations, coming together with new technology in the perfect marriage. 

Our range of multimedia accessories can help you complete any task, from something as crucial as finding your way back home after a long trip or tough day, right through to making sure your phone stays completely charged. 

Included in our range of tech additions is something for the kids. It can be tough on the road when the kids are bored. But we have the solution. Our DVD players fit neatly to the back of the front seat, then it's up to you to decide what will keep them entertained. 

What tech can I get in my DS?

Phone charging accessories - including wireless facilities 
Universal TETRAX smartphone holder
Range of DVD players 
DVD player holder
Tom Tom Sat Nav, complete with support



Staying comfortable in your vehicle is paramount to us. We know that you chose the DS because you love the cars and you want to look great out there. 

But we're all about style mixing with substance, not one or the other!


As a DS customer we know that your life takes you all over the country and sometimes abroad. So it's up to us to ensure that all those journeys are completed with a minimum of hassle. 

Our range of comfort accessories mean to make your life on the road simpler. From cupholders through to ashtrays there's plenty in our range to suit every need and budget. ​

Across the DS range you can get your hands on the below additions to make life easier when you're out there. There's nothing worse that pulling up to a meeting or a holiday feeling stressed because of an uncomfortable drive. 

Comfort accessories available to you: 

Coat hangar 
Sun blinds - front and rear
Isotherm module - only available for DS7 Crossback
Wind deflectors - front and rear


Parking sensors

Comfort in your car, to us, isn't just about how you sit in the seat, whether the sun gets in your eyes or if you have somewhere to store your jacket and coffee. 

To us it's also about making sure you feel completely at ease behind the wheel. Part of this comfort is knowing that you can get your vehicle parked without having to worry about the obstacles around you. 

Our parking sensor accessories fit neatly into your car's bodywork, so they won't ruin your chic aesthetics. When you pull up to a space and start to manoeuvre into it, the system will then start to emit loud, audible, beeps to tell you when you're getting close to an obstacle. If you continue to get closer the beeps will become more frequent. 



Your DS is more than just a city run around, which is why we have a plethora of accessories ready to help you get out into nature and start making the most of your weekends. 


Roof bars 

The main accessory for helping you overcome boredom in your freetime are roof bars. 

When you've reached optimal capacity in your boot space, these lightweight and easy to fit bars give you a world of added storage options. 

So whether you want to start taking on the mountains, the slopes, or the surf this weekend our roof bars can ensure you have a safe, secure place to store everything you need! 

We have the roof bars: 

Bicycle Carrier on Towbar
Bicycle Carrier on Roof Bars
Roof Bars on Longitudinal Roof Rails
Ski Carrier on Roof Bars
enter alt text

Luggage compartment

Moving to the more conventional area for storing your daily luggage, we have a large variety of boot area accessories designed to keep your luggage safely stored while you're on your travels.

Alongside helpful cargo storage nets which assist in keeping your luggage completely tucked away and unable to roll around your boot space. 

In addition to cargo nets we also offer protective boot mats and trays. These robust accessories are designed by DS to fit your vehicle perfectly. Whilst helping to keep your carpets showroom fresh, these covers also prevent any dirt and grime from penetrating your upholstery. 


Tow bars

If you're expecting a long weekend, or an extended break that you're planning on packing everything into, then, with all the will in the world, you may need more storage options than your boot and roof rails. 

But don't worry we've even got your extended holidays covered. With our tow bars you can make sure that you're able to carry as many supplies as you need to make the absolute most of your break.

You can choose from either detached or fixed tow bars. So your storage options can be as permanent as you like, or just there when you need them. 

enter alt text



​Your DS is at it's best when it looks like new, so let us help you keep it showroom fresh for as long as possible. 



With our clear protective film ​you can make sure that your paintwork remains protected throughout the time you have your DS.

The boot sill protective film looks after the area of your paintwork that can see the most scuffing and damage. When you're loading and unloading the boot it can be easy to scuff your paint without knowing. But with this film you can be sure that regardless of how much you drag in and out of the boot, your paint will remain as fresh as the day you bought.


Your carpets can easily become well worn, especially if you use your car everyday. 

With our range of protective mats you can make sure your original carpet remains as fresh as possible. 

Choose from carpet or rubber mats, both will come adorned with your DS's logo and will fit to your car's specific shape. 

Mud flaps 

Just like when unloading and loading the boot, your car's paintwork can easily become worn just from general use. 

With our range of rubber front and rear mud flaps you can make sure that the areas of your vehicle that are closest to har from road debris can be well protected. 

These rubber flaps are molded to the shape of your vehicle, so they're perfect for keeping you protected with discretion.


For more information on our range of amazing accessories come and see us now, give the team a call on 01244 569924 , or click to download your brochure below.

DS3 Crossback Brochure

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DS7 Crossback Brochure

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