About DS Salon

Find out more about the DS salon in Chester

Our state-of-the-art DS dealership opened in April 2016; purpose-built opposite Chester FC’s football ground, the DS centre is just part of what we like to call our Swansway Department Store, which also houses the Citroën, FIAT, Jeep, Abarth and Alfa Romeo brands.

DS Automobiles is a premium range, in a fashion sense it’s the haute couture line, with an innovative spirit present in every model across the range. Here at Swansway DS, we’re one of the first stores in the UK to boast a DS Lounge, dedicated to showcasing this avant-garde brand to its very best advantage.

Our dedicated DS team members make choosing the perfect DS to suit your lifestyle a breeze and their technical team-mates ensure caring for your DS is plain-sailing.

As a family owned and run motor group, we at Swansway like to look after our customers; there’s nothing we like better than the praise that comes with a job well done! If you want advice on any aspect of the DS range then Swansway DS is the place to find it. Contact us on 01244 569924 .