Silver A5 cabriolet with roof up

Convertible Cars from Swansway Motor Group

What is a Convertible?

A convertible is a car that has a folding or a detachable roof. The convertible allows for an open air driving experience, This style of car is most loved in the summer months when you can really the most of driving in the sunshine.

Should you buy a Convertible?

Convertible benefits:

  • Enjoyable ride - there is no doubt when the wind is blowing in your hair and your car is turning heads that you will be having the ride of your life, this vehicle is definitely fun to drive.
  • Stylish - Undoubtedly the classic, sporty look of convertibles is very desirable. If you’re a style enthusiast, then this could be the car for you.
  • Headroom - Obviously the perks of having no roof to your vehicle is unlimited head room, making it much more comfortable for taller passengers.
  • Visibility - With no roof or door frames to limit your vision, It could make life a lot easier when it comes to manoeuvring and parking due to wider vision.

Convertible considerations:

  • Usability - With the very limited sunny whether here in the UK, you may find that it's not very often that you get the chance to put the roof down and enjoy the benefits.
  • Leaks - Whether it's a hard-top or soft-top convertible, heavy rain and snow can make this style of car susceptible to leaks.
  • Price - The addition of a retractable roof also adds a couple of thousands onto the price of your standard body styles such as the coupe, so the question is "is it worth the extra money?"
  • Theft - it’s much easier to break into a soft top cloth roof than a sheet of reinforced metal. It's something to consider that maybe for a thief, convertibles are an easy target.

What to consider when buying a Convertible:

  • Practicality - Convertibles aren’t renowned for their practicality, so it might be worth considering if it will still work for your life two or three years down the line.
  • Boot Space - Many convertibles compromise on boot space to store the roof when it is down, so when looking at convertibles ensure there is enough space what you need.
  • Buy time - Winter is the best time to buy a convertible. In the colder and rainy month we see that people are often keen to get rid of their summer toys due to lack of use. With more options to choose from and the potential of dealers offering better deals in order to get rid of their summer stock, holding off your purchase until winder may mean that you can save yourself some money.