Citroën Fixed Price Servicing

​At Swansway Chester Citroën, we aim to offer expert service without the price tag.

If your Citroën* is more than 3 years old, you can choose a Fixed Price Service. We’ll carry out a set list of operations on your vehicle for a set price. And if you have an MOT at the same time, you could save money.

Plus, you’ll still get all the benefits of an official Citroën dealer, including highly-trained technicians, an official dealer stamp and the Citroën&You promise:

  • No work without prior agreement
  • A car in the workshop = a clean car
  • Satisfied or not, give us your opinion
  • Dissatisfied? You’ll get a call back within one working day

Fixed Price Servicing
Year 1* (12 months / 10K) £199
Year 2* (24 months / 20K) £249
Minor** (Every 12 months / 10K) £179
Major** (Every 24 months / 20K) £299
MOT / Pre-MOT Check (N.I) £54
Brake Fluid £59

*Using Citroën Original Equipment and comes with a 12 months parts and labour warranty.

**Using European parts which is a range of Citroën's own competitively priced parts, that meets our quality standard for your vehicle and comes with a 2 years parts and labour warranty.

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Discover the importance of a Citroën MOT

Designed to make our cars and roads safer, helping to reduce accidents. MOT examiners will carry out a load of essential checks on your Citroën - all that key stuff that makes your Citroën roadworthy, safe and operational:
Headlight alignment
Emission levels
Brakes roadworthy
Fuel levels checked
Tyre tread pass
Suspension check
Don't ignore your MOT, book in with Swansway Chester Citroën today!

Replacing your brake fluid

It's important to stay sharp and alert on the roads. Your Citroën's brakes do it by relying on brake fluid, but over time that fluid can absorb water and your brakes may become soft and lead to reduced braking efficiency.

The truth is brake fluid needs to be replaced every two years to maintain safe performance.

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Service Options

Year 1 and Minor Service


Change of engine oil
Change oil filter
Top up essential fluid levels*
Carry out a Vehicle Health Check such as tyres, lights, indicators, mirrors and wipers
Environmental checks – pollen filter and exhaust
Reading fault memory codes

Year 2 and Major Service

Includes all items from a Minor Service, plus:

Replacement of Air filter element
Replacement of spark plugs*
Replacement of gearbox oil*
Additional checks that include power steering and hoses, rear brake lining wear, suspension, valve clearance, wheel bearing plus more
Carry out a Vehicle Health Check such as tyres, lights, indicators, mirrors and wipers

***AdBlue top ups will not be included in Service & Maintenance plans on any new Citroen Euro 6 Diesel models that are fitted with an external AdBlue filling point.

*Where appropriate

Minor & Major Service - What's Included?

GeneralCheck for (and action) any outstanding manufacturer technical updates x x
ReplaceEngine oil x x
Engine oil filter x x
Diesel fuel filter element** x
Air filter element** x
Spark plugs** x
Gearbox oil** x
Levels check & top-up if requiredBattery level (if fitted with removable cap) - condition and charge x x
Coolant level check x x
Front / rear screen wash x x
Power steering fluid x x
Safety check & inspectionBrake fluid check x x
Brake pad and disc wear (front and rear) x x
Hub, rod, ball joint and joint clearance check x
Dampers sealing check x x
Brake calipers and hoses check x x
Sleeve check (drive shafts, ball joints, steering rack) x x
Brake hydraulics x x
Lights, lighting and signalling operation check x x
Rubber boots & gaiters x x
Tyres - front & rear tread depth & pressure (inc. spare wheel or expiry date of Tyre Repair kit) x x
Brake & clutch pedal check x x
Horn check x x
Handbrake and parking brake check x x
Rear brake lining wear x
Valve clearance x
Radiator hoses check x x
Ancillary drive belts condition check x x
Shock absorbers x
Pipes and housing sealing & condition check, (engine, gearbox) x x
Steering circuit sealing check x x
Power steering and hoses x
Wheel bearings x
Front & Rear suspension x
Steering control and mechanism x
Transmission shafts x
Environmental checksAnti-pollution, (petrol engines) x x
Smoke opacity check (diesel engines) x x
Pollen filter check x x
Visual inspection of exhaust system (lines and fixings) x x
Service checkClutch travel check and adjustment x x
Condition and tension of ancillary drive belts x x
Function & Visual checkWiper blades condition and operation check, (wash-wipe) x x
Windscreen washer jets x x
External bodywork x x

* Offer excludes Motorhomes & Citroën LCV’s. High performance models over 2.0 litre engines are excluded. Applies to petrol/diesel passenger cars only.

** Dependant on engine type