New Citroën C-Zero

The fully-electric Citroën C-Zero releases no emissions, as it runs from an electric motor and power is provided by a battery. The electric powertrain makes the C-Zero ideal for life in the city, with lively acceleration and exceptionally low running costs. This model is the only fully-electric car in the Citroën range.

Exterior design

The Citroën C-Zero has a highly distinctive design, with a unique ‘jelly bean’ shape which is optimised for aerodynamic efficiency. The high roof and narrow features also help to maximise the interior space available. The front end of the car is almost completely vertical, giving the driver an excellent view of the road and making the C-Zero easy to manoeuvre.

Interior design

The C-Zero has space for up to four people in its airy, spacious cabin. The clean lines and uncluttered layout of the cockpit give it a futuristic appeal and make it highly intuitive to use the controls as you drive.


The lively electric motor that powers the C-Zero provides instant torque from the moment you press the accelerator pedal. This model has a range of 93 miles on a full charge, so it is more suited to short trips around town than to long motorway drives – although many fuel stations have charging points. The C-Zero emits no CO2 emissions and it charges cheaply from a domestic power source, making it a very affordable car to run.

Technology and safety

The electric technology used in the C-Zero has been thoroughly tested to ensure it is safe and it is now widely used by other manufacturers. This Citroën model is fitted with all the standard safety equipment you would expect, including ABS and a full set of airbags.

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Full Charge 93 Miles
CO2 Emissions None
Safety ABS