What Not to Wear to an Interview

It can be difficult to know what to wear to your interview with a company, but follow the tips below and you shouldn't go far wrong.

Hemlines and necklines

While we hope that this will apply more to women, we can't always be sure. So whatever your gender, no employer wants to see more than they bargained for in a potential new employee.


Just because you're applying for a corporate job doesn't mean you have to dress in navy, black or grey, but it also doesn't mean you can turn up in a fluorescent or sequin number either. If you're daring to wear a bright colour, tone down other elements of your outfit. It still needs to look professional, because classy is better than sassy.


Please bear in mind that although it's never nice to be around someone who smells like their shower might be broken, it's also just as off-putting to be around someone who smells like they've gone a bit wild with the free samples at the perfume counters. You may like a scent, but your interviewer may not and they will remember it.


Fine on your commute, not fine when waiting for your appointment.

In the summer

When the weather is warming up no one wants to suffer in a heavy suit. This doesn't however give you the excuse to throw on shorts, jeans or anything too short for you to sit down in (See point 1).


Trainers and flip flops are never appropriate for an interview (unless perhaps you're applying to work at a children's holiday camp). Small heels are fine as long as you can walk in them. For the men out there there are two main rules to stick to like glue; smart (no sandals, trainers or any form of shoe made from a canvas material) and if you're wearing black shoes then don't wear white socks... PLEASE!


You don't have to spend a fortune to look good. It is a good idea to spend a little every once in a while to keep your work and interview outfits up to date. Like your food, your clothes also have an expiry date.


You want to look your best and make the best first impressions, but please leave the trowels to the gardeners! Keep it natural, no bright lippy, no smoky eye, no foundation or tan lines. The aim should be refreshed and awake, not night out down town.

The tie

It's not the occasion to pull out your wackiest novelty tie, even if it's your only one.


Many men think this doesn't apply to them, but listen up because it does! While most accessories (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc) generally apply to women, there are also accessories men wear that need to be taken into account here (cuff links, tie clips, belts, etc). Don't let them detract from the interview and don't wear anything you might wear to a club (this rule should apply to all aspects of interview clothing).