What a Whirlwind Two Years

I’d been making a living repairing mobile phones, for ‘In The Market 4 Phones,’ in fact I still keep my hand in, mending friends phones; but I wanted to move into a ‘real’ job and started working, part-time at first, in the Swansway Renewals Department.

The Renewals team is only small, but it’s a great little family and I started by making welcome calls to new customers, which was a great way of finding my feet. I then moved onto making renewals calls, that’s where a customer’s finance agreement is coming towards its end and we advise them on how to change their car in the most cost effective way and try to keep their business within the Swansway Group.

In February this year I moved to the UChoose part of Group Fleet as a Sales Executive and I love it! UChoose is an online motor retailer and we sell all thirteen brands from across the group. My new team is great and we do enjoy some brilliant banter; I feel a real buzz when I sell a car, which has surprised me, as I’ve never seen myself as a ‘salesman’.

I think it goes to show that in the digital age, jobs are slightly different, but also, that you should never underestimate yourself. You’re capable of doing anything if you put your mind to it.

So, for me, it’s been a two year whirlwind, with the highlight, so far, getting a company car with my new role in UChoose. I had an unreliable old banger before, so I really appreciate it.

Working for Swansway has been great for me, a bit of a revelation to be honest and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next!