Tom’s Time at Swansway

From the 8th to the 12th of January, I have been undertaking my work experience placement at Swansway Motor Group. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time, and have had a great insight into the world of work while I’ve been here. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been up to!

I was welcomed with open arms and before I even walked through the door Karen had prepared a timetable for me. I went for a quick tour and then I was underway, blogging about Winnie the Pooh and his friends! Not quite what I was expecting when I found out I would be working at a car company. Although I’ve also made a blog about pizza and things to do in Blackburn, so that’s almost normal now. 

I have done many things while I’ve been at Swansway, from blogging, to Social Media and even a day at Crewe Audi, but onto that later. Blogging has helped my English skills a lot, and Karen has helped me to write as if I’m not programmed in the GCSE English code; as well as my overuse of exclamation marks.

I’ve also done some work on Social Media and found it very interesting that you plan when to post on Facebook, or set a date and time to tweet. I never realised just how much attention to detail there is, in what seem like the less business minded things.

On Wednesday the 10th I found myself shadowing Luke the product genius at Crewe Audi for the day and really enjoyed it. It was really interesting seeing how a car is sold and how many stages there are to selling a car.

I started the day by talking about cars and ended it in the same way, I think I rinsed Luke of all of his knowledge over the course of the day and I immediately saw why they call him the genius. After a ½ hour chat about cars, we ended up on a test drive. Yet another new experience.  

Over the course of the day I held lots of conversations with customers, enhancing my people skills, went to the place where the new cars are kept, and took a brand new car to the bodyshop for a last minute buff-up. It was incredible learning about so many cool cars, and seeing the stages that lead to a handover.

I have learned and enhanced many skills, during my time here. Using a computer for everything has really improved my typing skills I’ve improved my written English, my people skills (as I mentioned earlier) and even made a lovely cup of tea for an Audi customer! I know these skills will help me in the future.

I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into my placement as I knew very little about Marketing, and didn’t know how you go about persuading people to buy from you and not to buy the same car from somewhere else. I’ve learnt so much about that now and it was much better than anything I had envisioned it to be; everyone’s been very welcoming and I’ve really enjoyed my experience.

Tom on work experience

To conclude, I’ve enjoyed every minute of my week at Swansway and hope to take my new skills with me.

I’d like to thank Karen for putting herself out to look after me and find someone completely unknown something to do for a whole week. Fingers crossed a summer job isn’t too far away!