The Future's White for Local Dealership​

Tim White, 45, has been promoted to the role of Head of Business at Carlisle Audi. Tim, who lives in Carlisle with his wife and two young sons, is delighted with his promotion, “As soon as I left University I started in the Motor Trade. ​

I was a Trainee Sales Exec at Mitsubishi and I’ve never looked back; the motor trade gets in your blood, and I genuinely enjoy my job”.

Tim joined Carlisle Audi as Sales Manager, before promotion to General Sales Manager; in his new role he is in charge of the dealership, but he’s up for the challenge, “This is what I’ve been working towards and I’m looking forward to taking Carlisle Audi to the next level.

“The next step in the motor trade is very exciting; electric cars and hybrids are the future and I’m looking forward to the challenges this will bring”, added Tim.

Tim continued, “I was working for Carlisle Audi when Swansway Motor Group took over; you’re always a little nervous in that situation, but it’s worked out really well. They’re family owned and their values of caring, honest and proud are what I strive to be, so I’m really looking forward to my new role”.

In terms of advice Tim has one very important point to make, “As a Trainee Sales Exec on one of my first ever test drives, I learnt a very valuable lesson”!

“It was in a Mitsubishi Carisma, the first in the range with a digital readout of the range in miles left in the tank. So, when the customer pointed out that the fuel light was on I confidently pointed to the range meter saying there were 30 miles left in the tank.

“Half a mile later you can guess what happened, the car ran out of fuel and we had to be recovered”, laughed Tim, ““It did dent my trust in technology, but things have come a long way since then and the good news is the customer still bought the car”!

Tim White, Head of Business