Sion's a Welsh Wonder

24 year old Sion Owen is making his mark at Wrexham Volkswagen, having sold over 50 cars since he began working as a Sales Executive at the family owned Swansway Motor Group site

Sion puts much of his success down to Welsh being his first language, as he explains, “I come from a family of Welsh speakers, so, grew up with Welsh as my first language. My family live in Dolgellau, where in every shop and on every street corner, I hear people speaking Welsh.

“It makes me so happy to hear the Welsh language being used and shows that it’s still very much a living language and I feel like it’s my job to keep the Welsh language flowing at Wrexham Volkswagen”!

In his day to day job, Sion has found being a Welsh speaker is a real bonus, “We have so many Welsh speaking customers walking through our door every day, and having the opportunity to speak to them in my first language, is not only great for me, but really puts customers at ease.

“It’s rare to find a Welsh speaker in the motor trade, and I believe that’s helped me be successful in my first couple of months with Wrexham Volkswagen. Welsh is such a lovely expressive language, it should be celebrated, not lost and I feel I’m doing my little bit to keep it alive in everyday commercial life”.

Wrexham Volkswagen is part of the family owned and run Swansway Motor Group.

Sion Owen, Sales Executive