Simon Williams - Here's to the next five

Retailer Support Leader – Retailer Support Centre

I joined Swansway, working in what was then the Call Centre in February 2011; I’d been working for Vodafone as a debt collector and felt I needed the chance to be a nice person again! When I joined the call centre it was in its infancy, with a team of five and a target of 1000 bookings a month (we now achieving over 4500 bookings a month).

Knowing nothing about the motor trade at all, I was really nervous on my first day, but within a few hours of starting I met Peter Smyth, one of the family that owns and runs Swansway, nick-named me ‘badger boy’ (due to a bleached blonde stripe in my hair; don’t ask what on earth I was thinking ), it was a real ice-breaker, showed ne the directors were up for a bit of fun and though the hairstyle is long gone, the nick-name has stuck!

As my experience grew, so did my responsibilities; I began helping out with interviewing, training new starters and standing in for the manager. When our current manager, James Osypiw, joined he saw my passion for the call centre and for Swansway and gave me even more responsibility, helping develop my leadership skills, introducing me to mentoring, coaching and 1-2-1s.

As the call centre continued to grow, James was looking for two team leaders and I was successful in gaining one of the roles. Since then I’ve helped oversee the re-brand of the call centre, along with James and Kerry; we’re now stronger, more focussed than before and our new name, Retailer Support Centre, better describes the support we give to all our dealerships.

We’re now breaking records month on month and I feel privileged to have been a part of this from the beginning and for many years to come. Swansway is a great place to work, when they say ‘it’s a family business’ it truly is and I feel part of that family and proud to be so. In many businesses directors don’t speak to their staff; they don’t want to get to know you. Here they welcome you into the family, they‘re actually interested in your life you’re your career and will help you wherever they can.

Here’s to the next five years.