Sarah Widdowson's anniversary at Stafford Audi

I started working at Stafford Audi, after my brother, who was a technician, told me there was an admin role, I was asked to do sales, but felt I would fit better into the admin team.

I’d come from a legal background (Solicitors Clerk, Crown Court Clerk), so this was something very new; after six weeks I was asked back to work at the Crown Court (I’d previously been on a maternity cover contract) and I realised I didn’t want to go! I felt I had a future here in the motor trade with Swansway.

I was just 23 when I started assisting in the admin team, but shortly after I started I became the sole administrator; so, I threw myself into learning new, used, fleet. etc, and Jayne Martin, the Group’s head administrator was often my saviour. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Jayne on the end of the phone to answer all my many questions. I feel proud that now I’m in a position to help other administrators; that feels good.

I have made some great friends in my 10 years at Stafford Audi; Lindsey Foster and I have become firm friends, and socialise outside of work, in fact she made me join her running club, I do stress the word made! Lindsey is partial to running a marathon or two (although those days are over for me for the time being, as I now have a 2yr old who takes up most of my time)! We’ve enjoyed many good times, together with our families and I love the fact that I live local to my workplace, so I often see colleagues out and about at football training, nights out etc.

There are many of us here at Stafford with 10 years plus under our belt and indeed across the group. I do like the fact that if I need to speak to other sites, it’s usually a colleague of some years standing that I’m speaking to.

The only time this wasn’t the case was when I returned from maternity leave and there was a whole new management team; new Sales Execs and a new Admin team who I didn’t know and had never worked with. When I left to have my son I knew everyone and it felt like I’d returned to a different workplace. Fast forward 2 years and I’ve settled into this new Team and thoroughly enjoy working with all my newer colleagues.

Our Team is going from strength to strength and I can’t thank my new management team enough, Neil, Kevin and Kath in particular, for all the support they’ve given me; as all mums know, returning to work is hard, being torn between being work and being at home with your child, but I’ve been lucky that my work team has made it as easy as possible for me.

Sarah Widdowson of Stafford Audi

People ask me, why I’ve stayed in the same place, doing the same job for so long; wouldn’t I like to progress into something new. The answer is no, admin might well be the same jobs, but each day and each month is so busy and so varied that you don’t have time to become complacent in your job. I thrive off being non-stop, which this job certainly is.

To the outside Admin may look like a bit of invoicing and taxing, but the jobs we have to do behind the scenes, tying it all up with Accounts/Service/Workshop etc. is what I enjoy. Never, say never, but if I was still sat here in another 10 years I would be a very happy lady.