Pauline Loves her Little Family

I’d done plenty of other jobs before coming to Swansway including 14 years at Wedgewood as a Quality Control Manager, whilst doing another job for Provident insurance in the evenings! It’s fair to say I’ve never been frightened of hard work.

Redundancy moved me on and I took another job, but didn’t feel it was right for me, so I carried on looking. A friend told me that Swansway was a good company to work for, so when a position in the Renewals Team became available, I knew I wanted to apply.

I’m glad I did; my role as a Renewals Advisor, suits me so well, I love dealing with customers from all over the group, helping them to find a new car and making sure they’ve been looked after, I do genuinely enjoy it.

Our job is to maintain a relationship with our customers, for the lifetime of their ownership of their vehicle; then to let them know the most advantageous time to change cars, it’s interesting and so are the customers, it’s great to build a rapport and enjoy a laugh with them.

The Renewals Department has a very small team and, although I know it sounds a little cheesy, we are like a little family, we look after each other and care about each other.

We’re a little family, within a big family and that’s a nice feeling.