One Fun Day​

Making one day fun sounds easy; making one day fun for over six hundred people, not quite so easy!

At Swansway Motor Group we hold a Family Fun Day every year. 2017’s will be coming in July, so, how do you go about organising a family fun day, for staff and their families, whose only connection is they work for the same business; who all have different likes and dislikes; different food preferences and very different ideas of what is fun!

Just to make it a little trickier, imagine you’re organising this for a company that operates from twenty different locations, spread across the North West and West Midlands; phew, where do you begin?

First, find a venue, somewhere central, with enough outside space to host six hundred people and allow them to park their cars, (not forgetting you need plenty of loos); yet not too expensive or too prescriptive on what you can and cannot do.

Then choose a theme, to date, we’ve had Brazilian samba party, school sports day, circus and village fete themes.

Find a reputable and recommended events company, then brief them…very thoroughly!

Next choose the activities, sideshows and foods that fit with your theme; remembering to keep plain food on offer for the less adventurous eaters.

Look for some physical challenges, like a climbing wall and some mind games like splat the rat.

People playing tug of war at a fayre

Always remember the ice cream, everyone loves ice cream; don’t forget water and cold drinks; never forget tea and coffee.

It’s a fun day so you must have candy floss, that’s probably enshrined in law somewhere!

Watch the weather forecast like a hawk, keep fingers, toes and everything crossed for good weather.

On the day everyone else will have fun, except you, you’ll be too busy running round trying to keep all the plates spinning.

Send out a survey, find out what people liked and what they didn’t, then get ready to do it all again next year!

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