Nick Porter's first year at Swansway

I was working as Business Manager at another dealership, but I kept hearing good things about Stoke Audi.

To be totally truthful, when I found that the Sales Team were earning more than me, working less hours and in much better surroundings, it was a bit of a no-brainer!

I’ve found working Swansway different, but in a good way; they take the time to listen to staff and really try to create a positive working environment.

I think it’s changed me, I’ve been given time to settle into the Swansway way and indeed the Audi brand and I really feel it’s bringing out the best in me.

The training has been excellent, both from Audi and in-house where Simon Bowkett has always been available with tips and new ideas to try.

I’m learning all the time and I’d like to think that I’ll get the chance to move up the ladder at some point, for now I’m just concentrating on making as many sales as possible

Working for a family owned and run business has made me feel more involved, a real part of something and certainly more appreciated; I’d definitely recommend working for Swansway to a friend, without any hesitation whatsoever.