Nichola's First Year at Swansway

Nichola is the personal assistant to all four of our Directors, here day to day job role is fast paced and always presents a new challenge each day.

We asked Nic to write a blog post about her first year at Swansway, and the fantastic work that she does!

After working as an account manager for 3 years at a fuel card company and hating my job for about the last year, I thought there’s got to be a job where I enjoy going to work every day so I decided to change my career and applied for a PA role at Swansway Garages.

The description fitted everything I liked doing and had aspects of all my previous roles – Perfect!

After having an interview with the directors (I was sweating that much I didn’t want them to shake my sweaty hand) I had everything crossed Swansway would employ me!

A year on I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve done and I finally love my job!

My role differs from day to day but I look after the Chairman and Directors which at times can be challenging however no day is the same and as long as the directors are busy so am I.

It is very interesting being involved with the directors lives and seeing how busy a directors life actually is.

I could not write what exactly what I do in my job as I’ve said every day is different however at times I do get some strange requests for example calling the vets for David’s rabbit to be castrated!!

Swansway have really looked after me this year and the lovely HR girls I sit with have really taken me under their wing!

Tips on how survive being a PA – just be ready for the unexpected, be organised and then organise it again!