New Beginnings ​

When Swansway Jaguar opened in Crewe, on 1st April this year, it did so with no existing customers to fall back on and no history of the iconic brand in the area, with the last Jaguar dealership having closed in the late 1960s.

Head of Business, Matt Hill, talked about the challenges in launching a completely new retailer with no customer database or vehicle parc in the area, “Of course, it was and is a mixture of daunting and exciting; Swansway have invested around £5.5 million building the new business, so there was, and still is, a real need to leave the blocks, sprinting hard, from day one”.

Located on Crewe Green Roundabout, the new retailer is highly visible and attracts a lot of passers-by, as Matt explained, “We are in a really great location, Crewe Green Roundabout is incredibly busy and that means thousands of motorists pass us every day. We’ve found that curiosity makes many people pop in for a look around and that’s really great”.

“The cars speak for themselves, they are very beautiful to look at, but also fabulous to drive and we’ve found that many people are surprised at the entry level prices, particularly of the F-Pace, an incredibly popular model which people believe is far more expensive than it actually is”, added Matt.

The very contemporary retailer facilities offer relaxed seating areas for customers, as well as a coffee bar a master barista would be proud of!

With no database and no parc of Jaguar owners in the area, the brand has attracted conquest business from prestige brands across the board, with drivers excited by what the revitalised Jaguar brand now has to offer.

The Crewe Jaguar building

The site has performed above target in all areas, but what Matt is most proud about is the exceptional result in Aftersales where the retailer is currently ranked No.1 in the UK for customer recommendation (Q2 2017 data).

A delighted Matt explained, “To be ranked No.1 in the UK is fantastic and a real testament to the team we have here, who are committed to making the experience of owning a Jaguar a really great one”,

“This first couple of months have been tough with the General Election playing out and Brexit in the wings, but we’ve pushed on and I’m incredibly proud of my team who are delighting customers and laying down the foundations of a really successful Jaguar retailer for years to come”.